Traditional enterprise phone systems have been the norm for decades, but with new technology being developed everyday, business owners have to make sure that their phone systems are equipped to meet all communication needs. A modern business should have the capability to communicate with clients from around the world and utilize multiple types of communication options, such as video calling and text messaging. If you’re unsure about your current enterprise phone system’s reliability or features, ask yourself the following questions:

Are the telecom expenses of my company too high?

When business owners need to cut business expenses, they often overlook how expensive their phone bills can be. Telecom services are a crucial aspect of running a successful business, but many landline phone systems can drive prices through the roof. With setup expenses, maintenance charges, and other hidden fees, traditional phone companies often overcharge businesses for their service, that might not even be the most reliable option!

The inflexibility and cost of older enterprise phone systems have led to the creation of cloud-based phone systems, which allow businesses to rely on their internet connection rather than a landline. Instead of installing complex hardware and paying expensive start-up costs for traditional telecom services, cloud-based systems are easy and inexpensive to set up. The innovative design is more affordable, efficient, and ideal for businesses who want to reach customers and employees internationally.

Am I trying to save money by limiting my company’s national and international calls and therefore limiting my overall business?

If you have considered blocking international calls or have to limit the amount of minutes you can communicate with someone internationally, you’re well aware of how quickly expenses can rack up for long distance calls. In fact, the average cost for international calls is 17.6¢ per minute! Limiting your minutes spent communicating with clients and employees might save you money on your phone bill, but it can also limit the reach of your business.

Businesses today have plenty of opportunities to connect with people globally, so limiting the time you can spend on international communication can also slow down your business growth. Imagine if you could talk to anyone around the world without having to worry about the expensive costs of international calling ever again. You and your employees could freely call, text, or have video calls with international clients while paying just one flat monthly rate. It sounds too good to be true, but there is a solution that has saved businesses hundreds on their phone bills while providing unlimited international and domestic calling.

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Is it worthy for me to keep in touch with my employees when they travel overseas?

If you or your employees travel frequently, it can be frustrating to try to communicate with them if an issue or unexpected dilemma arises. Due to expensive roaming charges and unreliable coverage, many people travel without a phone or have to shell out hundreds of dollars to pay to use their own phone in a different country. Instead of feeling disconnected when you or your employees when you’re traveling abroad, invest in a reliable solution that can allow everyone in your company to communicate for free anywhere in the world.

BNESIM is well known for creating the best global data SIM cards, which allow travelers to have unlimited data and coverage in multiple countries around the world. Best of all, anyone who has a BNESIM SIM card can communicate with each other completely free of charge, no matter which country they’re in! Imagine traveling in confidence, knowing that access to your employees is easy, reliable, and inexpensive, and never worry about expensive mobile providers ever again.

What to do next

If you found yourself answering “yes” to one or more of the previous questions, know that there is one simple way to solve all of these common problems and save money without sacrificing your communication needs. The latest innovation from BNESIM is an affordable, reliable solution that hundreds of business owners already trust with their telecommunication needs: BNESIM Enterprise.

BNESIM, nominated as the “World’s leading travel communications provider,” designed BNESIM Enterprise with the modern businessperson in mind. This enterprise phone system is cloud-based, scalable, and features the industry’s best uptime of 99.999%. Frequent travelers, remote employees, and international clients alike will be able to communicate easily without having to worry about expensive charges or roaming fees due to the international SIM cards offered by BNESIM. Without any hidden fees or startup costs, it’s simple and inexpensive to get started! Click here to see how BNESIM Enterprise can improve your company’s communication system, boost productivity, and save you up to 95% on your phone bill.