All business owners want to find ways to minimize spending and improve their company’s reliability, but one easy way to cut costs frequently goes overlooked: the telecommunication services. Phone companies often overcharge businesses for maintenance fees, international calls, and include other hidden charges in every bill. Most types of traditional telecommunication services don’t even offer the most reliable coverage!

Hundreds of business owners just like you have ditched their old-fashioned phone companies in favor of BNESIM Enterprise, the latest solution from BNESIM. From small startups to large enterprises, here are just a few reasons why all kinds of modern businesses are choosing our enterprise phone systems:

Affordable pricing options

BNESIM Enterprise is the only product on the market that doesn’t require any startup fees for businesses to get started, and plans start at just 19.99€, or $22.80, per month. BNESIM Enterprise can reduce your phone bill by up to 95% by providing a cloud-based phone system instead of using a more expensive alternative.

Reliable coverage

BNESIM boasts the best reliability in the industry with an uptime of 99.999%, making sure that no calls will ever be dropped or disconnected again. With reliable coverage in over 170 countries, you can make long-distance calls with confidence and ease without ever worrying about expensive fees or roaming charges. If there is ever a time when the phone system isn’t working or business owners have questions, there is free 24/7 support for every BNESIM customer.

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Simple to use

The BNESIM Enterprise solution is easy for anyone to activate and start up. There is no hardware to install or any complicated directions to set up, and BNESIM Enterprise is activated instantly. It’s also a scalable solution ideal for businesses of all sizes anywhere in the world. If business owners do have any questions or concerns, there are free implementation advisors that can explain exactly how to set up your phone system along with free 24/7 customer support.

Virtual phone numbers

Having a virtual phone number for your business can help you reach more customers and improve your reliability without overspending. Customers will be more likely to trust a local number than an unfamiliar or toll-free phone number, and a virtual phone number can also help customers connect with the right person when they call with questions or concerns. Creating virtual phone numbers will also completely eliminate your needs for an expensive phone system or hardware. BNESIM Enterprise also offers full protection for these virtual phone numbers by encrypting your phone calls so you can be confident knowing that any information will be kept safe and confidential.

International communication

If you frequently travel for business or have employees spread out across the globe, international communication is essential. This is why business owners who choose BNESIM also receive an international SIM card to make sure they can stay connected no matter where they are while avoiding expensive roaming charges from their mobile provider. Other benefits of the international SIM card include:

enterprise phone systems

Multiple international lines.

Most business owners prefer to keep their home life separate from work, so they may carry two different cell phones while traveling. Travel lighter with a BNESIM SIM card, where you can have multiple lines all kept on one phone. You can have as many lines as you need and choose numbers from 40 different countries.

Free calls and texts.

If you choose to sign up your entire office for BNESIM Enterprise, all your employees will be able to call and text each other internationally for free. All BNESIM users can communicate with each other anywhere in the world without ever worrying about dropped calls, expensive fees, or roaming charges every again. Whether your company has several traveling employees or remote workers, BNESIM can save you from any more costly communication dilemmas.

Fully customizable plans.

Whether you’re visiting a country for a weekend or several months, there is an affordable option for you. Simply choose how much international data and minutes you will require for your stay and pick from several of BNESIM SIM cards for your perfect match. Best of all, any credits on your SIM card will never expire, so if you don’t use up all of your data on your trip, you can save them for your next adventure.

Upgraded communication options

Phone calls aren’t the only type of communication needs that business owners require today, which is why BNESIM Enterprise offers plenty of other ways to improve your company’s overall communication options. You and all your employees can utilize tools such as video calls, conference calling, SMS, customer relationship management (CRM) integration systems, and BNESIM’s award-winning international data SIM card. Your company will have unlimited possibilities for growth when you have ways to connect to customers and employees anywhere in the world!