Here are the Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Visiting Boracay Island

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In light of our most recent visiting Boracay Island, here are the things you should know before going to Boracay:

Visiting Boracay Island
It is the Philippines’ most visited island.

Besides being well-known in Southeast Asia, Boracay has won numerous awards from international travel organizations. It won the “best island in Asia” prize in 2012’s Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. It was also awarded the “Top Island in the World” in 2016 by Condé Nast Traveler.

Numerous people have trouble pronouncing its name.

The true pronunciation of this island’s name is Bo-rah-kai. Its last name is pronounced “cay,” I’ve noticed. Although I can assure you that you won’t get arrested for saying Boracay incorrectly, wouldn’t it be nice to say it correctly at last?

It is easily reachable.

Comparatively speaking to other beach resorts in the Philippines, Boracay is not too difficult to get to. Just how accessible it is may have contributed to its appeal, but I’m not sure. Whatever the case, the island will be easy for you to access because of the well-organized transportation options.

A brief description of the area: Boracay Island is situated in the province of Aklan, which is part of the Visayas region of the Philippines. Caticlan and Kalibo City both have airports that are relatively close to Boracay. The guide we wrote on traveling from Manila to Boracay is highly well-liked, and you can access it here.

There are numerous world-class beaches there.

The most well-known beach on the island of Boracay, White Beach, comes to mind when travelers discuss the island. But actually, there are other beaches in Boracay that might be more enticing to you. You should visit beaches like Puka Shell Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Ilig-Iligan Beach, among others. They’re all unique in their own ways and boast white sand beaches.

It is not “just” an expensive place to go.

In Boracay, more opulent hotels and resorts have been constructed throughout time. Additionally, it has developed into a popular location for celebrity weddings and honeymoons in the area. However, visiting Boracay does not have to cost USD 300 every night (although you certainly can). Families, couples, and even stringent budget travelers can find lodging options on the island that fit their budgets. When it comes to eating, this is also accurate. While Boracay has a lot of luxury eateries, it also has a lot of inexpensive Southeast Asian restaurants.

Holidays can bring up a lot of activity.

The cost is associated with Boracay’s fame. Overcrowded conditions may occur on the island over major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Additionally, during Holy Week (Catholic Religion), more Filipino visitors would visit Boracay’s white sand beaches. The highest hotel rates are experienced during the busiest times of the year. Avoid planning your vacation during this time if you don’t enjoy crowds all that much. However, it’s a great time to attend if you enjoy partying!

There is vibrant nightlife there.

One of the best beach nightlife scenes in the entire Philippines can be found on Visiting Boracay Island. Several visitors come here primarily for that reason! Restaurants, pubs, and even convenience stores like 7-Eleven all sell alcohol easily. The native beer, San Miguel, costs between three and four dollars per 333ml bottle in a typical establishment. However, you can get it for less at bars for travelers. The cost of 750 ml of local brandy and rum is less than USD 5. A decent pub won’t charge a cover fee for you to listen to live music there. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Boracay’s nightlife.

It serves as an activity park.

The island of Boracay is more adaptable than other beach islands. People who prefer activities other than swimming and tanning can choose from a variety on the island. On Bulabog Beach, you may windsurf or kitesurf. At D’Mall, you can climb a wall, attempt a zip line, operate a four-wheeler, go scuba diving, or take a boat excursion. You won’t get bored if you’re more of an active traveler.

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