When traveling around the globe for business, you already have so many issues on your mind: when is your next meeting? How is your family back home? Are you going to make your next flight on time?

International sim card unlimited data

With all these travel pains already swirling in your head, the last thing you should be focused on is having access to a working phone. That’s why BNESIM has created a unique Virtual SIM card that is perfect for business travellers.

Multiple international lines

When travelling for business, it is important to stay up to date with all the hustle and bustle back home. However, many business leaders prefer to keep their work and home life separate – especially on their phones. Typically, this means lugging around two or three cell phones, so you don’t mix up work and play.

With BNESIM, you can keep it separate, while still carrying just one phone. BNESIM allows customers to have as many phone numbers as they need. You can choose numbers from over 40+ countries. Whichever country your number is located in, you can receive free calls from that country. By taking advantage of multiple international lines, business leaders can ensure they never skip a beat.

No roaming charges

Roaming fees can quickly add up to be hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. These ridiculous fees happen when you use your phone outside of its typical range. It’s a rookie mistake, and a costly one too.

With BNESIM, roaming fees are a thing of the past. We want you to feel at home all over the world. By switching to BNESIM and avoiding roaming fees, you can save up to 95% on your next cell phone bill.

International SIM card unlimited data

Talk for free

In business, the best word is “free.” Making international calls and texts is typically a costly venture; however, with BNESIM you can talk to other BNESIM users for free. This is a great tool for large and small companies with many travelling workers. By signing up the entire office for BNESIM’s unparalleled service, employees can place unlimited free calls and SMS texts to each other from anywhere in the world.

Customizable plan

Whether you are planning on touring Europe for a month, visiting Asia for just a week, or are constantly on the road, there is a BNESIM plan for you. We offer dozens of unique plans to meet your needs. Starting at just 9€, BNESIM can meet your data, phone, and SMS needs at an affordable price.

For avid business travellers, BNESIM X Infinity is the perfect option to always stay connected. This plan offers unlimited minutes of calling worldwide. It also includes 2 free international roaming numbers. BNESIM X Infinity also features unlimited high-speed internet.

Regardless of which plan you choose, your allowance will never expire. If you take a hiatus from travelling for 4 months, your BNESIM data will still be waiting for you when you head back on the road. This flexible option is ideal for business travellers, especially during the holidays. We understand everyone deserves some time off. Your money shouldn’t go to waste during neccessary “me time.”

Over 80 countries covered

From Argentina, to Albania and even Tajikistan, BNESIM has you covered in 88 countries around the globe. No matter where your business takes you, you can rest assured that BNESIM will provide you with a fast, high-quality network for a low price. Instead of having to change your SIM card every time you cross a border, BNESIM allows you to use the same phone, phone number, and SIM card across six continents.

All-In-One App

All of these amazing features that make BNESIM stand out are available in one easy to use the app. The app utilizes just a fraction of your data and battery life. It also ensures crystal-clear HD voice and video calls across the globe.

If you forget your physical SIM card while on the go, the BNESIM app has you covered. The app is host to a virtual SIM card, that is just as reliable as the real thing. Through the app, you can also add minutes and expand your SIM card plan.

When searching for an international SIM card unlimited data, no one comes close to BNESIM. Our friendly app is a seamless solution that will keep you powered during your next business trip. Learn more at our site BNESIM.