BNESIM launches BNE Guard VPN: a fast and modern VPN connection that protects your online privacy with military-grade encryption

vpn connection
VPN connection

The global operator BNESIM is beloved by travelers for its easy-to-use eSIMs and SIM cards that allow people to travel the globe without juggling cell phones.

Now the company is expanding its horizons with the introduction of BNE Guard VPN. This service offers customers a fast and modern VPN that protects their data with military-grade encryption allowing them to browse securely on public Wi-Fi connections or any other network.

BNE Guard VPN connects to a network of high-speed servers across the globe so people can connect reliably from anywhere and works on all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The customers using BNE Guard VPN will rarely notice a difference in speed. BNE Guard VPN doesn’t slow down the internet because it doesn’t use many kilobytes.

BNE Guard VPN can be activated at 8€ per month or bundled with seven other great services, part of BNE Pro, and customers can take advantage of the first month trial at 1€.

Along with the VPN, the customers can purchase a VPN router according to their needs. BNE Guard VPN Office Router is perfect for heavy-duty data transmission, mass device connectivity, or ultra-low latency gaming. BNE Guard VPN Travel Router is a high-performance next-generation pocket-sized router that offers powerful hardware and first-class cybersecurity protocol with a unique and modern design for an excellent Wi-Fi experience.

BNE Guard VPN Office and Travel routers can be purchased respectively for 239€ and 159€, and they include one month of BNE Guard VPN for free.


With over 120 Terabytes consumed by our customers in 200+ countries every month, BNESIM is the global operator that keeps travelers, business people, remote workers, and devices connected. BNESIM is the affordable one-stop communications solution for making and receiving calls, participating in a conference call, and getting mobile data in 200+ countries without roaming fees.

The customers can install the BNESIM app for free and create their accounts instantly. All of BNESIM’s core services are available as soon as the customers create their free account, and they can be upgraded at any time.


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