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A suite of services designed for professionals and SMEs who want to accelerate their business, boost productivity and save on their international communications bills.

What's new

Private audio and video conference rooms.

Conference rooms reachable from any country.

Pick a URL for your room and reserve it.

Receive a notification anytime someone enters a meeting.

Get as many dedicated dial-in numbers as you want and let the participants enter with a short pin.

Free shared dial-in numbers from multiple countries.

Join a conference call by calling from your mobile or landline when you don’t have an internet connection.

Invite more people to take part to a conference by calling them on their phone directly from your room.

Use your company’s phone numbers for your conferences.

Activate phone numbers from the countries which are not included in the shared dial-in numbers countries list.

Enhanced voicemail.

Get an international number and link it to your voicemail.

Set or change the pin code to access your voicemail.

Activate the voicemail on multiple global landlines, mobile, and toll-free DIDs from 100+ countries.

Receive a transcription of your voicemail messages to your email or by in-app SMS.

Add multiple welcome messages. You can use a pre-recorded one, or record new ones - with your voice or a robotic voice, and use them at your convenience.

Set the forwarding options. You can choose to transfer your calls to the voicemail immediately or after some rings.

See who left a message by caller ID, when they left it, and the duration of the message.

Listen to, delete, or return calls right from the BNESIM App.

Use your own caller IDs to call worldwide.

Import all your phone numbers into the BNESIM App. Make your calls by using any of the phone numbers you added to your BNESIM Account.

Easily switch your caller IDs to make your calls without using different SIM cards or phones.

The contacts you will call will be able to recognize you by your caller ID.

Activate the Smart CLI on any of your caller IDs to automatically use a caller ID belonging to the country you’re calling.

Detailed phone records.

Get access to an archive of your calls, data, and SMS details that never expires.

Detailed information about your calls, data, and SMS usage, status and duration of your calls or data session, date and time, the phone numbers that called you, and those you used to make your calls.

Block the numbers from which you don’t want to receive calls.

Receive your calls, data, and SMS detailed reports by email.

Use your advanced search filters to easily find the information you need such as country, date, phone numbers, incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, status (answered, busy, missed, and canceled calls), MB threshold.

Add multiple devices to your BNESIM account.

Receive your calls on multiple mobile devices.

Choose the mobile phone you want to use to make your calls.

If the battery of one of your phones is low or over, you can use one of the other devices connected to your BNESIM Account to make and receive calls.

Your callers will never dial into a busy signal or a “try again later” message.

Get the username and password to connect your desktop phone.

Connect your desktop VoIP phone by using the BNESIM SIP credentials.

Quick setup and encrypted calls.

Receive your calls on your mobile and desktop phone.

Improve the quality of your calls by connecting them to your landline network.

BNESIM SIP credentials support all the protocols, including Opus.

Your desktop phone works with the configurations you set in the BNESIM App.

With the BNESIM SIP credentials, you can connect your desktop VoIP phone in the office and a VoIP cordless phone at home too.

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