BNE can ensure that all of your conversations stay confidential; in other words: calls are encrypted.


Invite your contacts to download the BNESIM app so you can call each other and send SMS for free.


BNESIM’s voice credit and your account do not expire, ever.


Beautiful graphical view of the calls statistic usage.


Turn it on, and your calls will be made using a phone number belonging to the country you’re calling using the same available credit.


Activate it, configure it, and receive an automatic top-up anytime your credit is about to finish.

How to get started with BNESIM


Get the app on your iPhone or Android mobile device.


to access a world of services ready for use.


the BNESIM’s tools designed for professionals and firms, and discover the IoT solutions for devices on the move.

Common questions

How much would I pay to make calls abroad?

No matter how far you travel, our call rates are pay-per-minute, and you'll pay according to the Zone you're calling, regardless of your location. Our calling countries are split into three zones: A, B, C. The zone A, which includes the most popular destinations, is the cheapest to call. The Zone C is the most expensive. Here's a practical example of how the voice credit is used when you are calling different Zones. Let's assume you have 50 minutes. If you are calling a country included in the Zone A, you can use your full allowance. If you're calling a country in Zone B, your allowance will be 25 minutes. If your are calling a Zone C country, your available minutes will be 12.5.

How much will the people who call me pay for the call?

It depends on the agreement they have with their provider. We suggest you activate a phone number from the country you expect you will receive most of your calls. This way, whoever is calling you will pay for a national call. For example, if you're from the USA and you wat to stay in touch with your family back home, we recommend you to activate a phone number from the USA. Here's a tip: let your family and friends download the BNESIM app so you can call each other for free! How cool is that!?

Can I block a phone number so that I don't receive calls from it? How?

Yes, you can. TAP FOR MORE DETAILS in the CALLS area on the Self Care home, expand the BLOCKING RULES area and tap ADD RULE. You can block a specific phone number or a pattern. For example, you can block all the calls from phone numbers starting with a specific country code, or those from numbers ending with the same digits. Once you selected the type of numbers you want to block, enter the value in the VALUE field and tap ADD RULE.

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