Millions of devices connected together with BNESIM IoT SIM card

A cell network that works in every corner of the world built for IoT and M2M applications.

Welcome to the future.

A single SIM for global IoT connectivity

Connect all your devices.

Alarms, GPS trackers, Smart Home devices, remote sensors, automotive control systems, M2M applications.
BNESIM IoT SIM card is available in all SIM form factors and embedded - eSIM.

Global coverage.

BNESIM global IoT SIM card connects to multiple MNOs in 200+ countries worldwide, providing you with the best signal and coverage, so that your IoT or M2M devices can reach where they are needed.

Multi-network connectivity.

The BNESIM IoT SIM card allows the connection to multiple networks in the same location, so your devices can always get a fast and stable connection and distribute the data loads evenly among all the operators covering the place.

SIM card management dashboard.

Activate the SIM card and its plan, renew the plan, block the SIM card, check on the data sessions and the connection status, localize the SIM. Get access to consumption details by SIM or group of SIMs and analytic tools such as real-time reports.

Server2server API.

REST JSON API to manage IoT SIM cards and cellular connectivity from your platform: activate SIM card, stop SIM card, check credit, check consumed data and location, set consumption alarms, tag SIM, assign to projects and many other features.

Free IoT SIM + Data pool.

All the SIM cards you need, for free. Select the GB you need every month and share the data credit among all your SIM cards. When your traffic grows, you can increase the GB of your plan. Deploy the SIM everywhere; its data balance is valid in 88 countries.

Data threshold and user alerts.

Set the limits of usage and personalized alerts when certain thresholds are reached or set a maximum operating time for your SIM card.

Your devices will never run out of data with BNE Smart Top-up.

Activate it, configure it, and receive an automatic top-up anytime the data pool credit is about to finish. With BNE Smart Top-up, your devices will always stay connected.

BNE IoT data pool plans


39EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month


109EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month


159EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month


279EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month


789EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month


1,250EUR /month
  • +1 EUR/SIM/month

How we can offer global connectivity at these prices

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