The new activation process is good for you and the environment too! Say goodbye to printed manuals!
You can now activate your new SIM in a few minutes directly from the app.


You can go traditional, type in your phone number, receive a password by SMS and register, or you can use your social accounts – such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Linkedin – for password-less login.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran out of data credit, and there’s no Wi-Fi around you to make a top-up? The answer is easy: you don’t make a top-up, you make an emergency top-up!

Emergency Top-up is the all-new feature that allows you to top-up a little amount of national data, without expiration, that will be enough to make a few emergency calls, to communicate via WhatsApp, or receive an important email.



If you’re worried you’re consuming more minutes and data than expected, you can look into the detailed history of daily consumption. Our new Self Care is all about transparency: always know when, where, and how much you have consumed.


That’s no exaggeration. We have introduced over 2000 data plans for global, regional and national use that will suit your every travel needs. Activate them for one day, one month, or one year, without committing to long-term contracts. You can change or cancel your plan anytime – on your terms.


We bet you’ve never seen one before. So did we! Before we came up with the idea, of course. The Smart CLI is BNESIM’s newest feature. Turn it on, and your calls will be made using a phone number belonging to the country you’re calling.



Just like a traffic light, you will now know if you’ve got the green light to make and receive calls, and to use your data. You will always know what’s going on and how to fix it. A user-friendly in-app troubleshooting guide is set to help you make things work.


Do not panic. If you ever have troubles, we have you covered. Check out our all-new FAQs area, and if you still need support, you can contact our team that will help you make things right. Hit the Live Support link at the bottom of the Self Care main page, and you’re good to go.


   No contracts. No commitments.

   No roaming costs worldwide.

   No allowance expiration.

   No filtered Internet.

   Nobody can spy on your Internet activities.

   Try it, then customize your SIM card.

world travel awards

BNESIM is the World Travel Awards winner of

“World’s Leading Travel Communication Provider”

Recent reviews

  • review rating 5  BNESIM sim card has always workt well for me when im traveling in Asia (Taiwan Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan Thailand, Malaysia) and North America (USA, Canada). And the price for the data usage i good.

    thumb Ramzi El-Asri
  • review rating 5  BNESIM is the best SIM to be used in europe. Customer support is responsive and revert with solution. I would recommend to opt for this SIM while travelling out of India. Thank you

    thumb Janu Jagtiani
  • review rating 5  I do a lot more travel than the average traveler covering a large part of the globe. BNESim has been invaluable for me while travelling. Coverage is very good, service is excellent. Never any problems in over a year of use. Tx

    thumb Nathan Watson
  • review rating 5  I'm giving them this review because I've been their customer for a few months and until now I am a satisfied customer. I'm flying to South Korea for a few weeks and will try their Surf Asia Unlimited product. So far I am really happy in using BNESIM especially during my international trips.

    thumb Emelica Sabran
  • review rating 5  I used a bnesim but because a problem happened and I inquired of the service team. The fast treatment of after service team could use a sim thanks to this normally.

    thumb 김영식
  • review rating 5  A very dependabe sim card when you travel. Tried it for the first time in Europe, and now using it in Asia. Really happy with it. With the Bnesim App, your well taken cared of.

    thumb Jose G
  • review rating 5  Great, fast Customer Service. Friendly and helpful. Card arrived exactly in time, all three sizes and ready to go! Topups are a great feature. Would buy again.

    thumb Valentin Pletnev
  • review rating 5  Great, fast Customer Service. Friendly and helpful. Card arrived exactly in time, all three sizes and ready to go! Topups are a great feature. Would buy again.

    thumb Valentin Pletnev
  • review rating 5  Wonderful customer service. Every query answered promptly. Hoping they will continue the same

    thumb Clifford Fernandes
  • review rating 5  As a seafarer this is without doubt the best SIM out there. I travel around Asia in Japan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and it has worked everywhere I have been. I live in Finland and have also used the very reasonably priced data packages within the EU. The X Sim I would say is definitely the one for me but there is plenty to choose from. Support was there right away for me via the Facebook messaging page ( I was not sure about setting up APN Profile ). Thank you BNE Team and keep up the good work. If you want to save money on roaming costs people, then this is a MUST!!

    thumb Graham McCulloch

Join them!


How to activate the emergency top-up?

Our system will automatically detect when you ran out of data and will show you the emergency top-up options as soon as you access the Self Care. How cool is that!?

How to enable and disable the Smart CLI?

Enabling and disabling the Smart CLI is easy. Visit the Phone Numbers area of the Self Care and switch on or switch off the SMART CLI.

Can I change or cancel my voice or data plan?

With BNESIM, you are in control. You can change or cancel your plan anytime. If you wish to cancel your subscription, do it at least one day before the renewal date.

Got more questions?

Find your answers on our FAQs page or contact us.
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