13 Best Food Blogger Vacation Spots

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When it comes to travel, some of us chase our hearts, while others chase our taste senses! As a result, Foodie locations are topping tourists’ bucket lists more than ever before, providing them another reason to explore. Although many cities and villages specialize in specific types of food, some destinations have benefited from their outstanding culinary abilities. So, if sampling your way across the world sounds like a fun way to travel, plan your next trip around these top gastronomic spots!

Barcelona, Spain

Tapas are famous all around the world and in Spain, but Barcelona is one of the greatest places to try them all. In addition, unlike tapas in many other countries, numerous restaurants in this city offer high-quality small plates at extremely inexpensive costs. Customers enjoy “tapas hopping” from one restaurant to the next to acquire the most variety and turn dinner into a sightseeing excursion. La Cova Fumada, El Vaso de Oro, and Paco Meralgo are three tapas restaurants to visit in Barcelona. Whichever you decide, make sure to try the seafood paella!

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco has a long history of producing cutting-edge recipes, so visitors to the city by the bay have high standards and expectations. This is one of the perfect foodie locations to sample local wines, farm-fresh veggies, and organic.. probably, everything! San Francisco cuisine has high-quality ingredients and innovative spirit. However, bear in mind that many of these award-winning restaurants are expensive. The Hog Island Oyster Bar near the Ferry Terminal Market is a popular hangout.

Croatia’s Istria

Croatia is a less-known travel location that is an unexpected top travel destination for foodies! Croatia’s culinary landscape is quite diversified, which is not surprising given the country’s rich past. Cheese, pork, noodles, and fruity drinks are some of Croatia’s traditional cuisine. Istria, located on the Slovenian-Italian border, has some wonderful traditional offerings.

Caribbean island Dominica

Dominica, a Caribbean island, is another surprising gourmet hotspot. With volcanoes, sea caves, rivers, and cliffs, this island isn’t as well-known for beach entertainment as some others. Instead, tropical fruits grown on the island, such as guava and pineapples, are used in many native cuisines. Dominica is known for its fresh fish, as well as yams, plantains, and curries, among other regional delicacies.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a lively city with a plethora of delicious cuisine alternatives if you know where to search. Visitors will find fantastic high-end and informal food options, as well as highly-specific specialized eateries. Have you ever visited a restaurant specializing in a certain animal part or ramen type?

Mexico City, Mexico

There are many wonderful spots and foodie locations all across the country to sample real Mexican cuisine, but Mexico City is one of the greatest. This spot is where old meets new, classic meets trendy, and premium dining meets street food in the culinary industry. Pujol is one of the city’s most popular restaurants because it takes traditional Mexican dishes like tacos and tamales and gives them a unique spin.

Camden, Maine, USA

When you visit Camden, Maine, and begin eating your way around this beautiful American city, take deep breaths and concentrate on everything local. Blueberries, farm-fresh eggs, home-baked bread, and homemade cheese are some of the best local options. And no trip to Maine would be perfect without sampling some Atlantic coast lobster fished locally! Portland, Maine, is another excellent attraction for travelers going through the Northeast, particularly lobster and seafood lovers.

Italy’s Marche

Although Italy is a small country, its cuisine has become a timeless appeal worldwide. Around Le Marche, one of the greatest places to try authentic Italian food is vincisgrassi, a sumptuous 12-layer lasagna. Veal ragout, chicken livers, truffles, wild mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese are popular local ingredients in Le Marche, a small, scenic village in the country’s center.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Although some visitors may find it hard to explain Scandinavian cuisine, the city of Copenhagen does so rather well. Copenhagen food is noted for being loaded with fresh, locally produced products brought in from the adjacent forests and canals, similar to San Francisco in some aspects. Noma, which has been awarded one of the top restaurants globally, is one of the most well-known.

Jamaica’s Negril

Jamaican jerk chicken is well-known, but the cuisine of this island nation extends far beyond! Sea breezes, reggae music, and enough rum to drink it all down characterize Jamaican food culture. Cooked in outdoor kitchens and served from street carts, some of the best gastronomic treats in Negril and throughout Jamaica can be found. Travelers associate Jamaican cuisine with a laid-back, low-key attitude that allows diners to relish every meal. Try conch curry and peppered shrimp with an uplifting bottle of Red Stripe if you’re visiting Jamaica.

Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss are famous for their cheese and chocolate, but there are several delicious Swiss meals to sample when there. Potato pancakes, torte cakes, strawberries, and plums are among the other local Swiss specialties. Cheese and chocolate, of course, are essential. Visit the Lindt chocolate factory, indulge in a chocolate spa treatment, and try local cheeses in the Appenzellar region.

Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Many people’s diets now include Thai food, but you’ll be astonished at what culinary marvels look and mouthfeel like in Thailand! Chiang Mai is one of the greatest foodie locations to visit in Thailand, and serious foodies may even attend a culinary class at the Four Seasons to learn more about local market food and dishes. Turmeric, coconut milk, and lemongrass are among the primary components; that Thai chefs use in their culinary package offers for guests.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Several places serve real southern cookery like New Orleans. Po’ boy sandwiches, crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, and muffuletta sandwiches are all popular here. You can find Creole and Cajun favorites all across the city, but you’ll have to dig through some tourist hotspots to get the most original vibes and fair rates. Several of America’s top chefs are based here, and desserts such as bananas foster and beignets are hugely famous.


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