Visiting a quaint French village in the springtime is the perfect getaway for romantics and for those of us who need a break from bustling cities. Guests that travel to France between April and June can enjoy fewer crowds, comfortable temperatures, and incredible sightseeing opportunities. If you’re thinking of booking your own French vacation, consider staying in one of these lovely villages:

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This adorable village located in the east of France is said to have directly inspired the setting for the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast. The village is full of 15th-century architecture that has been extremely well-preserved, and plenty of guests say that it’s like being in a fairy tale. Riquewihr is famous for its wine, so you can enjoy a vineyard tour, go wine tasting, or simply enjoy a glass with dinner at one of the many restaurants. Riquewihr is also located just 2 miles away from Saint-Ulrich Castle, where visitors are free to explore and roam about the ruins without having to pay an entrance fee.

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Located in the north-central part of France, you can explore this medieval town that features plenty of historic buildings and even an outstanding 13th-century cathedral. The Chartres Cathedral has so many intriguing elements, such as a mysterious winding labyrinth and ornate stained glass, that you could easily spend hours at this one attraction. For more laid-back activities, you can take a guided tour of the old town of Chartres, go canoeing down the Eures river, or visit one of the several museums in the village. At the end of the day, you can retreat to one of several nearby hotels or cozy bed-and-breakfast places for a peaceful night.

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This little town has carefully preserved most of its 15th-16th-century buildings, so you’ll truly feel like you took a step back in time when you stroll down its cobblestone streets. Pérouges has even been used as a filming location for movies like The Three Musketeers and Monsieur Vincent! Be sure to visit the Church of Saint Magdalene and check out the unique shops that line the medieval streets, such as the handmade paper-making workshop. In addition, the Printemps de Pérouges music festival occurs every spring throughout May and June, so you can enjoy the local cuisine while listening to talented street musicians.


This charming village features 17th-century cottages that are often adorned with climbing roses and wisteria by the locals, a trend that began thanks to post-Impressionist painter Henri le Sidaner. Tourists can even visit Henri le Sidaner’s home and wander through the lovely garden established nearby. After exploring the beautiful scenery, tourists can have a bite to eat at one of the several cafes or restaurants in the area, such as the top-rated Le Jardin Des Ifs. One unique thing to do in this town is taking a pottery lesson from an expert crafter at La Poterie de Gerberoy.

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This walled city located in northwest France has a rich, fascinating history that would fascinate any visitor. Even the Saint-Malo Walls were established in 1100 and have been routinely updated throughout the centuries. Guests can go up into the ramparts to view the breathtaking scenery of the sea, the Grand Bé Island, and Fort National. If you travel to the northeast part of the city, you can walk around a castle that was built in the 1400’s and learn about its history in its attached museum. In the “Intra-Muros” district of Saint-Malo, or Old Saint-Malo, tourists will have plenty of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, shops, and bakeries.

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This seaside village has the perfect mix of historic charm and modern touches. The Vieux Bassin, or “old dock,” is an eye-catching harbour that has been a port for sailors since the 17th century. Tourists should definitely try the local seafood specialities, such as mussels and fish soup, and enjoy their meals outdoors for alfresco dining. Sightseeing opportunities include the Church of Saint Catherine, museums of Old Honfleur, and an indoor garden that’s home to a variety of tropical birds and butterflies! Creative guests will love La Forge, an artistic site that is full of fascinating sculptures and artwork, all the way from the garden to the underground cavern.

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