Everyone enjoys travelling for a vacation to unwind from time to time. Many people are casual sightseers who embark on a new journey for a holiday vacation or to see family. But then there are the specific types of people who just cannot fight the urge to hop on a plane and see the world. With their unending amount of wanderlust, these people are eager to go on trip after trip, demonstrating that travel addiction just may be a real phenomenon.

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People who are filled with wanderlust have an insatiable desire to travel. Whether they need to take road trips across the country or fly across the world, these travellers never seem to feel settled when they stay in one place, and they always seem to be on the move.

While these travellers love to take in the main sites and attractions that different cities and countries have to offer, many people with a propensity for travelling enjoy spending time getting to know new places, seeing how the locals live, and appreciating new experiences. Constantly embracing an unfamiliar area, different types of food or even a whole new culture or way of life requires a certain type of person.

Here are some qualities of people who just cannot seem to stop traveling:

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The wanderlust are adventurous

People who travel frequently are usually brave souls who are always ready for adventure. These people are able to answer their wanderlust’s calling and head into a new place with which they are unfamiliar. 82% of solo travellers like to travel internationally in order to go off the beaten path.

In order to travel from place to place, a person needs to be bold enough to take risks and go places without knowing what may lie ahead or how their adventure might turn out. Thus, wanderlust people venture forward knowing that whatever happens, at least they will have a cool new story to share.

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The wanderlust are outgoing

Those who have a proclivity toward travel tend to be social butterflies who love to meet new people. Especially when travelling abroad, visiting new places means getting to know new people and making friends with the locals in order to have an enriching experience. It might seem difficult to try and reach out to people who might look, act, or behave differently than you, but for the constant traveller, reaching out and connecting with others is a piece of cake.

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The wanderlust are independent

In order to satisfy their need to travel, people with high amounts of wanderlust often travel alone. Each year, more than 9 million women travel alone, and there has been a 134% increase in solo travellers in the last decade. While they are likely to make friends and get to know others in each place they visit, they absolutely must be comfortable travelling by themselves and making travel decisions alone.

As a result, people who love to travel tend to be more independent by nature. They do not fret when they have to make a last minute choice, and they do not need to rely on others to take care of every situation or roadblock that stands in their way. It takes a person who is incredibly confident in her own abilities to be ready to catch a flight or take a trip whenever they feel the need.

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The wanderlust are empathetic

World travellers tend to be more empathetic than the average person because they have to be able to connect and communicate with others even if there are language or cultural barriers. Studies show that travelling also helps foster greater levels of empathy.

The ability to understand and connect with people, and to see the world through their eyes, is essential to building relationships with people in other countries, and it is why most people with wanderlust are able to have such great experiences when they meet new people.

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The wanderlust are life-long learners

Oftentimes one of the main reasons why people who travel across the world want to visit new places is because they want to gain perspective and learn more about a new culture or a different way of life. These people are not content with the outside knowledge they may have about a specific place, and they want to go learn about that country for themselves.

Experiencing different places, foods, languages, and cultural practices require openness and the ability to learn. World travellers often have a life-long desire for learning them which pushes them to try new things.

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The wanderlust are flexible

Anyone who has ever travelled for work or a vacation knows that things never end up going as planned. This is especially true for people who are travelling all of the time. People who are constantly travelling tend to be incredibly flexible and have the ability to roll with the punches. When their flight gets delayed or there is a problem with their Airbnb, they are able to figure out a plan B and make the most of their trip.

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