Most business owners know that having a reliable business phone system is an essential part of managing their company, but many aren’t aware of all the hidden costs that come from traditional phone companies. Businesses are often overcharged for maintenance costs, services, and other surprise expenses, but employees might still experience dropped calls or other frustrating communication troubles. BNESIM recognized the need for reliable, affordable business phone systems, so a solution was developed to help you communicate easier and faster than ever: BNESIM Enterprise.

What is BNESIM Enterprise?

BNESIM makes it simple for people around the globe to communicate with each other while avoiding expensive roaming charges that phone companies usually charge for international calls. BNESIM has been nominated as “The World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider,” and BNESIM Enterprise is the company’s latest technological success. BNESIM Enterprise is a cloud-based phone system suitable for all types of businesses, from small startups to large companies, that can help businesses increase productivity, expand their customer base, and communicate confidently anywhere in the world.

Benefits of switching phone systems

As businesses grow and shift throughout the years, keeping up with the competition can be difficult when technology is changing constantly. Hundreds of other businesses just like yours have already upgraded their communication systems to BNESIM Enterprise in order to stay up-to-date with the latest features and advantages that a cloud-based business phone system can offer. These are their top reasons for switching from a traditional phone company to BNESIM Enterprise:

  • Decreases overall business expenses. With pricing as low as 19.99€ per month, businesses can save up to 95% on their phone bill when they switch, and BNESIM Enterprise doesn’t even charge any startup fees to get started. Hidden costs and fees will be a thing of the past, because BNESIM Enterprise makes it easy for business owners to track every employee’s communication expenses. Another benefit is that BNESIM customers can call and text each other anywhere in the world for free, so you can keep in contact with your employees no matter where you travel!
  • Simple to operate. The phone system is easy to set up and is activated instantly. There’s no complicated hardware to install, and it’s designed to be a flexible, scalable solution. BNESIM Enterprise is designed to grow and adapt with your business, unlike the structure of traditional phone companies.
  • Exceptional reliability. BNESIM supports all business owners with the industry’s best uptime of 99.999%. Seeing “No Service” on your phone will become a distant memory with the reliable international coverage that BNESIM provides.
  • 24/7 support. All BNESIM customers have free access to 24/7 customer support if any questions or concerns arise. During the startup process, there are also free implementation advisors available to help business owners set up their new cloud-based phone system. Busy managers will be relieved to know that any issues that may come up will be quickly resolved thanks to BNESIM Enterprise’s dedication to customer support.
    Access to innovative communication methods. Business owners can have great flexibility with their communication needs by taking advantage of features such as conference calling, business SMS, CRM integration, interactive voice response technology, and video calling. Connecting with clients and employees is easier and more convenient than ever with the multiple communication choices offered for business.
  • Call encryption and virtual phone numbers. BNESIM Enterprise can ensure that all of your conversations stay confidential with encrypted calls and virtual phone numbers. You can multiple lines on just one phone, eliminating the need to carry both a “business” phone and personal phone. Virtual phone numbers can also help clients in different areas around the world trust your business if you create local phone numbers (people typically avoid answering toll-free calls!).
  • International data SIM card. If you travel frequently, have employees who work remotely, or have international customers, BNESIM Enterprise also comes with a unique international data SIM card that has local data plans in 170 different countries. You will never have to worry about expensive roaming charges, being disconnected from the internet, or going without your phone when you travel with BNESIM. Most importantly, the plans for the SIM card are fully customizable and the points on the card never expire!

If you could decrease your business phone bill by 95%, imagine the countless ways you could utilize those savings. You could spend time to market your business more, purchase additional products, work on expanding your business, or simply save it for a rainy day. In any case, it’s time for you to start focusing on what really matters. Stop overpaying for your traditional business phone plan and turn to BNESIM Enterprise to invest in what’s most important to you and your business.