Photography is a tricky profession. It’s an art form that looks much easier than it is and it is simultaneously very hard and very easy to pull off professionally. Did your brand new travel blog accrue five dollars of ad revenue last month? Congratulations, you’re technically a professional photographer (and a professional writer).

travel blogger photography tips

Making a decent living off your photography is much more difficult. Not impossible, though. As the recent rise in travel bloggers shows, there is a market out there for well-composed photographs. And if you follow these tips and then wish on a few lucky stars, you just might be able to make some decent money off doing what you love.

Shoot At Dawn or Dusk

Sunlight can wreak havoc on the best of cameras, and if you’re just starting out, then you’re probably taking pictures with your phone or a hand me down Canon from last decade. You can save yourself a lot of color correction in post if you take your photos when the sun is just rising or setting. You’ll get a much smoother color palette.

Of course this doesn’t mean every picture must be taken at the beginning or end of a day. You may have a very good reason for wanting a midday portrait (precise shadows, capturing events, weather conditions). But if nothing compels you otherwise, shooting at dawn or dusk is your best bet.

travel blogger photography tips

Know Your Market Going In

Do you operate on platforms other than just your website? If your photograph is one you’ll want to put on social media, then make sure you plan for which platforms it’s going to end up on. For example, shoot in a square aspect ratio if you’re going to be uploading to Instagram. While Instagram does now allow non-square photos, their platform was built for pictures in a 1:1 ratio. You’ll always get better results on Instagram if your pictures are square from the start.

Basic Composition

It sounds obvious, but many people ignore the fundamentals of photography. This goes back to what we said earlier about photography looking easier than it actually is. Art rules are meant to be broken, yes, but first make sure you understand them so that you can break them meaningfully. Shooting aimlessly with no foundational knowledge of photography techniques will not result in good pictures.

So brush up on the rule of thirds and some basic eye-line strategies before you take your next series of pictures. Remember these aren’t hard set rules, and they won’t guarantee your photo be a masterpiece, but getting in the habit of shooting with composition in mind will help you learn to “see” better photographs wherever you go.

travel blogger photography tips

Schedule Your Photo Posts

You should have a steady stream of content keeping your blog active, and photographs are no exception. Uploading 75 photographs one week and then not posting a single shot for a month gives your followers a lopsided feeling, and leaves the impression that your blog can’t be relied upon. It’s best to upload your pictures in a relatively steady manner, without long dry spells.

If you’re a travel blogger (or a blogger who just happens to be traveling) then you’ll want to continue posting regularly even while you’re in the remotest corners of the earth. The easiest way to do this is to throw a global SIM card into your cell phone. They can be purchased easily online from companies like BNESIM and work on any phone that’s unlocked. A global SIM card will let you use your phone all over the world without roaming charges. Just load your account up with however much data you need and then it’s off to the races!

If you’ve got a large typing component to your posts or you need to use some picture editing software before your blog updates go live, then definitely look into getting your own global wifi hotspot. Then you’ll never be at the mercy of unreliable coffee shop wifi again. Hook your laptop up to your secure, portable wifi and get your work done, no matter where in the world you are.

Snap that shutter like a pro

The biggest thing to remember is creativity. Photography is an art, not a science. There’s no perfect formula to crafting the most engaging blog photos because every blog is different. What works for someone else might not read well to your audience. So while utilizing all the best tips and tricks will give you a good foundation to work from, you’ll still need to give your photos a dash of your own personal flair to make sure they truly resonate. With good camera skills and a little luck, you’ll start getting the results you want.