The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is returning this month to complete the series that has enraptured millions of fans for years. Obviously, this is incredibly exciting, but many are also feeling a sense of nostalgia: the series just seems too good to come to an end!

However, even if you end up binge-watching the entire eighth season in one sitting, you can still keep the story alive by visiting the real-life filming locations of Game of Thrones. The five following countries are home to numerous filming sites that were shown in the iconic fantasy series and include ancient castles, breathtaking landscapes, hidden caves, and much more that will create an unforgettable trip.

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Northern Ireland alone has over 20 locations where Game of Thrones was filmed, and there are even tours that fans can sign up for to travel to each location! If you’d rather embark on your journey solo, just make sure you don’t miss these iconic places:

Castle Ward.

This former farmyard was transformed into Winterfell for the series, and today guests can visit this area to practice archery, admire the scenery, and even dress up in Medieval-like garb for a fully immersive experience.

Tollymore Forest Park.

This beautiful park was the ideal choice for the Haunted Forest due to its giant ancient redwoods, hidden caves, and remnants of 18th-century architecture. Visitors can see for themselves where the White Walkers tread, and some may even hear the distant howls of a direwolf.

The Dark Hedges.

Hundreds of beech trees were planted alongside this narrow road over 200 hundred years ago, and today it creates a fascinating and slightly unnerving sight that was perfectly suited to become the Kingsroad. See for yourself where Arya Stark attempted to escape capture by disguising herself as a boy, and then travel down to Pollnagollum Cave to explore the hideout of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

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This tiny Mediterranean island played a big role during the first season of the show. Guests should definitely check out Mdina, a walled city complete with a medieval fortress, which doubled as Kings’ Landing. Nearby in the town of Gozo, tourists can see the gorgeous cliffs that enhanced the setting of Khal Drogo’s wedding to Daenerys. Also known as the Azure Window, this natural arched cliff that extends over the ocean is breathtaking even for those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones.

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Spain’s diverse regions, rich history, and ancient structures helped this country stand out in the Game of Thrones fantasy. It’s home to several sites that portrayed pivotal scenes in the show, including:

Girona Cathedral.

This Gothic cathedral will be instantly recognizable to fans of the show as The Great Sept of Baelor. It was in this location where numerous weddings, funerals, and trails were filmed throughout the series, and where Ned Stark was beheaded.

Roman Ruins near Seville.

The lost city of Italica wasn’t completely unearthed until 1971, but this ancient Roman city is getting plenty of attention now. Its Amphitheater, which dates back to about 206 B.C., is portrayed in the Game of Thrones as an important meeting place, and other ancient ruins form the damaged Dragonpit in season 7.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Also known as “The Craggy Fort,” this structure is thought to have been built in the 9th century. In the show, it is the main filming location for Dragonstone, and enthusiastic hikers can walk along the winding stone staircase that leads to an amazing outlook point. Also, there’s a small chapel at the peak where visitors may make a wish and ring a bell three times for good luck!

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The natural beauty of Iceland was featured in seasons 2-7 of the show, and it was also the ideal spot to film scenes that took place north of the wall. Thingvellir National Park is a must-see, since it provided several filming locations, such as the canyon that took on the role as the Bloody Gate, and a nearby area that’s famous for a rather grisly scene with Thenn Styr, Ygritte, and Tormund. This park also features many more activities, including snorkeling, camping, guided tours, so everyone in your family is sure to enjoy a vacation here.

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