With every great expedition, an explorer needs the right tools and gadgets to accompany them alongside their travels. Think how many things Indiana Jones had with him! A whip, a stylish hat, a gun, and a great spirit. Just like that, you can have all the tools you want. And since you are in the modern age of this unbelievable technology that has been coming out, it is good to stay up-to-date and stay away from any travel problems.

Travelling used to be so difficult. Now, the only problems we face are generally inside of the airport with flight delays and operational deficiencies. We have capabilities to never have any more dead phones, have phones in general, and perfectly manage our lives with these advancements. After some digging, we pulled out the seven things you absolutely need as you head out on your next journey.

1.  Listen right.

If you have a few dollars to spend, this is the most important travel tool you can purchase. The technology market is buzzing over this product– an real time, in-ear translating earpiece. It is titled the Pilot from Waverly Labs. Whether you are just wanting some entertainment on the airplane, or sitting at a foreign coffee shop, this device will translate what the people around you are saying as you listen. Crazy, right? Something everybody dreamed of happening finally has been physically created. Especially, this product can facilitate international business transactions and knock down the existing language barriers between professionals. It is a little pricey, but if it works well, it is absolutely worth it. Just want to listen to some music instead? Try relatively cheaper, noise-cancelling headphones.

2.  Talk right.

Since you can listen to other languages now, you are probably going to miss the voices of your home. However, roaming costs generally discourage you being able to communicate with your loved ones. The cheapest and most efficient way to overcome this issue is by using a BNESIM Card. It is an adaptable and versatile SIM card that encourages international and global communication without insanely high roaming charges. Not to mention, it comes with a sleek and innovative app that provides you with a virtual phone number. Stay in the loop. And be smart about doing it.

3.  Plan Ahead.

Technology has worked to enable better travels without interfering with work. One of these innovations is the Global Wifi Hotspot. Get your work done when you have some downtime from traveling – a true work-life balance! You can connect multiple devices, so you can let family members connect with the hotspot and relax with their favorite games or shows.

4.  Stay charged.

This one is pretty straightforward. We all know of portable phone chargers. This goes a long way towards ensuring you have enough charge so that you aren’t in a situation where you are stranded, or unable to call or coordinate with your fellow travelers when you are in a different city or country.

5.  Make the Memories!

Even if you are an amateur photographer and/or videographer, the cameras available these days give you top-notch quality at par with those used by great artists. With a few extra dollars, you can create amazing footage of what you are doing and still be able to enjoy the moment. A unique pivot grip tripod enables anyone with an iPhone to be able to record effortlessly and professionally at the same time. You could be on a beautiful bike ride down the coast of Italy or through the streets of Amsterdam, create something awesome while you do that! Here’s the gadget you absolutely need moving forward: Olloclip’s Filmer Kit.

6.  Don’t Lose Anything.

Tile has transformed everything in our lives. They created a technology that GPS tracks anything that it is attached to. This is necessary for any expedition as it keeps in you line with things such as your wallet (an item that is often pick-pocketed in foreign countries), your phone, your car, etc. You’ll never lose anything again. How amazing is that? It beeps whenever you report it as lost too, so if you are just in your hotel room and you seem to have misplaced your phone – you can find it easily! Awesome.

7.  Carry-On.

Suitcases are the most annoying thing on our journeys; they are ugly, fat, heavy, the wheels break, the zipper breaks, and they get lost. After looking over a few different options, this particular suitcase seemed to stand out. It is extremely light, tracks itself if the airlines mess up (as they usually do), and even charges your phone/tablet/laptop. Pretty much everything you need in a suitcase that you never thought you’d need till you saw it.

Go have some safe and easy travelling!