If you’re having relationship woes, taking a vacation is probably the last thing on your mind, but you might be surprised to hear that taking a “save-cation” or a “Hail Mary-moon” could be the solution you and your partner have been looking for. Sometimes, getting away from the stressors of daily life to focus solely on your relationship could help you find common ground, rekindle the spark, and fall in love with your partner all over again.

Although this idea may seem far-fetched, some psychologists and therapists agree that taking a trip together can save couples from painful breakups and divorce—under the right circumstances. If you’re not sure whether to book that getaway or break up, read on to see if a “save-cation” could repair your tense relationship.

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Going abroad encourages communication.

In 2012, the US Travel Association conducted a survey that revealed that couples who went on trips regularly were more satisfied with their relationships and believed that traveling provided more opportunities for romance. In 2013, an article published in the Journal of Travel Research stated that couples who traveled together frequently were able to improve their communication skills while abroad, and they felt more connected to each other once they returned home. Traveling as a couple forces partners to rely on each other, and the lack of distractions from work, kids, and other responsibilities can ease tensions and make it easier for reluctant individuals to open up.

However, in order for this to work, both partners must have a common goal in mind for the vacation. “Vacation experiences are made up of seeking and escaping motives,” says professor Dr. James Petrick. “Some are seeking adventure; others are escaping and want to relax.” In other words, if one person wants to kick back on an island oasis while the other would rather go on a 7-day hiking trip in the Alps, simply trying to plan a vacation could add more fuel to the fire.

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Trying new things together can rekindle the romance.

Couples who have been together for years have seen each other at their best and their worst. They know all about each other’s quirks and habits, from their morning routines to their biggest pet peeves. Most people crave this type of familiar intimacy, but it’s not unusual for some to wish that they wish there was more excitement and novelty like there was early on in their relationships. Dr. Jaime Kurtz, a professor of psychology at James Madison University, explains that, “If you normally see one another as partners in child-rearing and housework, this isn’t always so romantic. Breaking out of those roles can give you the chance to rekindle romance and see one another in new ways.”

Traveling together makes it easy for couples to try new activities and see each other from different perspectives. You may be surprised to uncover hidden talents that your partner may have in surfing, dancing, or cooking. You might even become interested in something that becomes a longtime passion for you and your partner to enjoy together for years to come!

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Couples can create new memories together.

Do you remember when you were first getting to know your significant other? You probably felt butterflies in your stomach, wanted to be around them all the time, and loved learning new things about them. Everything seems so exciting at the beginning of relationships because both people are getting to know all about each other. Intimacy and passion may be all-consuming during the initial stages of dating, but the novelty will taper off as you become more familiar with each other.

However, psychologists believe that traveling can be a way for couples to develop memories that are special and unique to them. According to Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D., “Couples can use the vacation as a way of creating positive memories and meaning in their relationships. Recalling warm memories with a partner can increase feelings of intimacy, as can looking back on and laughing at a funny memory.” Sharing an experience with just your significant other can strengthen your connection and help you realize that you can overcome whatever difficulties are currently hindering your relationship.

Is a “save-cation” right for you?

Taking a trip with your partner to refocus on your relationship may sound like a great idea, but you shouldn’t completely disconnect from your life back home. Being able to call your best friend for advice, check in on your children, or consult your marriage therapist can be incredibly helpful during your couple’s retreat. However, expensive roaming charges might discourage you from bringing your phone with you at all.

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