Your wedding is a special day, and the goal is to make sure it’s one of a kind. For many people, that means booking a wedding somewhere exotic or exciting. Destination weddings can be a wonderful experience for not only the bride and groom, but everyone in attendance (admit it, you’d be more excited to receive an invite to a wedding in the Bahamas than one happening right next door.)

destination wedding international sim card

However, with destination weddings comes a whole added layer of hassle and planning as you scramble to pull off the trip without a hitch. And if your destination wedding takes you out of the country, that’s when the real fun begins.

The challenges of international destination weddings

Flying your wedding to a global destination is complicated. There are a million extra things to take into account and if a single one goes wrong, it affects your whole ceremony. One of the bigger concerns that not a lot of people think about is communication. Your wedding party and your entire guest list will be without their local phone service. And you’ll need to keep in close contact with everyone on your list to make sure nobody wanders off. Just because people are in Paris for your wedding doesn’t mean they aren’t going to hit up some fun tourist activities while they’re there. In fact, encouraging your guests to do a little sightseeing and see a few attractions while they’re traveling for your wedding is a great way to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

So how do you keep your entire wedding entourage connected abroad without doubling your budget? The answer is global SIM cards. Global SIM cards are SIMs for your cell phone that give you access to data in foreign countries. If your phone is unlocked, you can swap out the SIM at will and load it up with prepaid data. SIM cards are a pay-as-you-go system and they free you from roaming charges.

Why an international SIM Card and not a local SIM?

Local SIM cards are another way to access data while abroad. In most cases, however, an international SIM card is the better buy. Global SIMs have a few advantages over local SIMs.

  • Reusability

Global SIMs can be used on future trips, as well. Since local SIMs only give you data access in one country, they’re less likely to be useful in the future. Your guests will probably appreciate a SIM that they can continue to get use out of.

  • Cost

Your wedding budget is high enough. International SIM cards are more cost-effective than local SIMs.

  • Usability

Global SIMs are easier to manage. They can be set up before you leave and you can purchase data for them online, rather than searching for data cards in foreign stores.

Which Global SIM Card to Buy

There are a lot of global SIM card companies, and just like your normal phone carrier, you’ll want to keep an eye out for ridiculously high prices or sneaky Terms of Service. Each company offers a different area of coverage, as well. So you’ll want to make sure your destination is available for coverage. BNESIM is a global SIM company that offers service in 170 different countries and flat rates in 65. BNESIM data doesn’t expire, either, so if you’re left with any extra it can just be carried over to the next trip.

Why a BNESIM card is perfect for your destination wedding

BNESIM has some advantages over other SIM cards that make them ideal for wedding parties. For starters, they’re ideal for large groups. The BNESIM app allows free texts and calls between users, meaning if your whole party goes through BNESIM, a huge chunk of everyone’s communication will cost nothing.

Include even the guests who couldn’t make it

Destination weddings always carry a bit of an extra risk. There’s always a few people you wanted there who couldn’t make the whole trip or who didn’t have the resources to travel in the first place. And there’s no sweeter gesture than giving them a call or even a video call so they can still see your ceremony and wish you a happy day. BNESIM’s affordable data packages make that dream a reality.

And if you were wanting to make that call on your laptop or other device, then BNESIM has the global mobile wifi hotspot to hook you up with all the unlimited internet you need.

So plan smart for your destination wedding. The cake, the outfits, and the photographer might be taking most of your attention, but be sure you spare some time to plan for how you’re going to keep in touch with everyone while you’re away. Global SIM cards are a vital ingredient to the ideal destination wedding, and an often overlooked one, at that. But if you buy the right ones, it’ll make your wedding plans go off just that much more smoothly.