For those with chronic wanderlust, it doesn’t seem possible to travel too much. Being able to freely explore the world sounds like a dream come true, but oftentimes, life can get in the way of these international adventures. When you just can’t seem to find the time to embark on your next dream vacation, you can temporarily satiate your desire to travel with one of these excellent travel films:

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This sweet romantic comedy will make you dream of falling in love in Paris. The film was shot in over 80 picturesque Parisian locations, and the whimsical story follows a shy young woman who quietly enriches the lives of those around her. When she finds a treasured item that the man of her dreams has lost, she can’t quite muster up the courage to talk to him; instead, she begins to create a modern-day treasure hunt to lead him to his lost possession. Quirky, wholesome, and beautifully shot, this film is the perfect choice for hopeless romantics.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This action-packed film follows the global adventure of a manager at Life magazine as he tries to hunt down the perfect photo for the magazine’s final issue. Mitty begins by flying out to Greenland in attempt to track down the location of the elusive photographer Sean O’Connell, but he soon learns that O’Connell has left the country. Mitty travels to Iceland, Los Angeles, the Himalayas, and other international locations before finally finding the perfect shot. This extraordinary, lighthearted travel movie will speak to anyone who aches for an exciting vacation away from their everyday life.

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Eat Pray Love

Based on a real story, this heartwarming drama follows a recently divorced woman as she embarks on an international quest to rediscover who she is and what brings her happiness. As Liz travels to Italy, India, and Bali, she begins to realize what’s truly important to her as she interacts with numerous memorable characters. Interspersed with numerous breathtaking shots from each country, this movie just might inspire you to quit your job and go on your own trip to find yourself!

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The Way

This bittersweet story follows an American doctor who receives the news that his adult son had died during a storm while trekking along The Camino de Santiago, or “The Way of the Saint,” in Spain. After flying overseas to collect his son’s remains, the father insteads to hike the trail himself as a tribute to his son. As an inexperienced hiker, he quickly realizes he cannot go at it alone, so he tags along with other groups of backpackers along the way. For those who want to experience the scenic beauty of Spain, this film is sure to inspire you to pack your bags.

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Into the Wild

After graduating from the prestigious Emory University as a top student and highly talented athlete, Christopher does the unthinkable: instead of choosing to enter a lucrative profession, he decides to donate all of his savings to charity and get rid of his possessions. Free from the constraints of his wealthy parents and his college reputation, he then decides to hitchhike his way to Alaska. Based on a true story, this film will take you on an inspiring trip across North America as Christopher meets influential new friends and experiences new things he never would have dreamed of before.

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