Take a leap: are you ready to be a remote worker?

Starting to get frustrated (and exhausted) from sending job applications out every day? There are plenty of job boards on the internet, but we understand that it can be difficult to connect with the right job opportunities. Looking into a lot of different websites can be very stressful and you might end up not finding one.

Sure there’s a lot of reasons why people seek out remote and flexible jobs. Of course, right now, a job that lets you balance work and home is more important than ever.


When people talk about remote work, they’re simply describing jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world with access to a computer and reasonable internet access (reasonable in terms of speed and connection stability). So whether you’re working from a home office, your living room, a coffee shop, the beach, or anywhere else not in physical proximity of your coworkers, clients, or employer, you’re working remotely. Again, if you have responsibilities or obligations that keep you tethered to your home or any location other than a company office, you can see why being able to work remotely is such a valuable benefit.


If you’re lucky enough to be starting a job during this time, you face an interesting challenge. You may find yourself starting your new job from home. So how were you able to find the best remote work for you? – MEET JOOBLE.


Jooble is a job search engine created for a single purpose: To help you find the job of your dreams! It is an international job posting search engine that lets you collect job opportunities from a different site in just one click – it is literally a Google but for jobs.


One of the great things about remote work is that you aren’t limited by geography or your local job market. When you include remote work as part of your job search, you open yourself to opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Better look into Jooble.


When you started your job search, perhaps you imagined it would take a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months, to land a job. But instead, your job search has gone on longer than expected. It’s normal that we also do some job search mistakes, but don’t beat yourself up if you do. The important thing to remember is that a job search is a journey, and that journey can take time. There may be bumps along the way, but if you course-correct now, your journey to a new job will take less time and be more fruitful.

But, like any job search, finding a remote job comes with its own set of unique challenges. You have to demonstrate not just how you’re the best applicant for the job, but how you’re the best remote applicant.

Take the tour and learn more about how Jooble can help you find balance, and happiness on finding your new career.


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