Airbnb is an affordable, easy way for travelers to get a taste of local culture while remaining close to the main attractions of the area. Guests usually appreciate the household amenities of staying in somebody’s home rather than an impersonal hotel, and the cost is typically much lower than most standard accommodations.

The popularity of Airbnb has also encouraged more people to open up their homes to travelers to make some extra money. With just a few steps, you can become a host and earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per month by simply listing your house or room!

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FAQ: Personal Safety, guest verification, and more

If you’re not particularly fond of inviting strangers into your house, you might feel relieved to know that Airbnb has plenty of safety precautions and protocols in place to ensure the safety of hosts and guests alike. Along with a 24/7 global support team, Airbnb guarantees up to $1 million in property damage caused by guests and offers free Host Protection Insurance in case a guest is injured while staying at your home.

Airbnb also requires more information from guests than most other online booking sites, including Homeaway and Before accepting a reservation request, you can look at the traveler’s profile and read the reviews from hosts they have stayed with previously. Airbnb has a unique two-way rating system so guests can review their stay, and hosts can rate their experience with the guest. You can even require guests to show their ID before you accept their booking!

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Benefits of listing on Airbnb

There are over 160 million Airbnb users, and Airbnb destinations have become available in over 190 countries around the globe. The market is fantastic, especially if you live in or near a major tourist city, such as London, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, or Los Angeles.

But even if your city isn’t listed as one of the most popular destinations for Airbnb users, you can still earn a significant income on top of these other great incentives:

  • You can list your property on Airbnb for free. There aren’t any sign-up charges or membership fees, so you can reach millions of potential guests without spending a penny!
  • You never have to personally handle money transactions. If you’re concerned about one of your guests “crashing and dashing,” or staying at your house and leaving before paying you, know that Airbnb takes care of transactions from guests to make sure you’re fairly compensated. Airbnb charges each guest before they even get to your home, and they typically deliver the payment to the host within 24 hours after the traveler is scheduled to arrive.
  • You can feel safe with Airbnb’s Verified ID process. Hosts and guests can verify their Airbnb accounts by uploading a valid ID and connecting their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ profile. You can even limit reservations to those who have been officially verified.
  • You get to choose your own listing price. Airbnb has helpful tools to give you a good estimate on how much you should charge guests per night, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide. For example, you can increase your rates during peak tourist seasons, or you can offer weekly or monthly discounts for people staying for longer periods of time.
  • You can set house rules for your guests. On your Airbnb profile, you can add or update your house rules to limit what guests can do while staying on your property. For instance, you can clarify which rooms are off-limits, if visitors can come over, or if smoking is permitted. If a guest breaks one of your house rules or damages your property, you can request compensation from the visitor. If they don’t respond within 72 hours, Airbnb will review your claim and settle the payment in about a week.
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How to list your room or home

If you really want your profile and place to stand out to travelers, Airbnb suggests these tips for success:

  • Make sure everyone who lives with you is comfortable with welcoming visitors into the home.
  • Create a unique, engaging description of yourself to connect with potential guests.
  • Take high-quality photos of your home and post them to your profile.
  • Describe your home’s amenities, what the neighborhood is like, and any other details that your guests should know about.
  • Develop clear, concise check-in and check-out processes to make it easy for your visitors to find your house upon arrival and leave your house up to your standards before they depart.

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