Is teaching English abroad one of your bucket list items? If you’re excited about the opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, and make lifelong connections, teaching abroad may be the perfect job for you!

While making this leap is indeed exhilarating, you should consider a couple of key things before committing to any one country: quality of life, weather, expected salary, and what additional benefits may be offered. Hesitant to take the leap because it could be costly to keep in touch with loved ones? Try BNESIM’s roaming-free SIM card to easily stay connected.

Read on to learn more about the top countries for teaching English!

1. China

There’s a reason why you hear of so many English teachers heading to China! Teachers are both highly respected and highly paid in this Eastern country. Teachers working in schools in China can expect free housing and flight reimbursements in addition to salaried compensation.

China also currently offers 137 different programs looking for English-speaking teachers, so you will definitely be able to pick the perfect teaching environment for you. While Mandarin and Chinese are both cited as some of the hardest languages to learn as English-speakers, what better way to learn a new language than to be fully immersed in it?

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2. Japan

Frequently hailed as a top country for English teachers, Japan has a lot to offer! Many teachers in Japan can immerse themselves in Japanese culture by teaching alongside local instructors in public schools, typically in smaller cities or in rural areas. Because Japan is one of the most sought-after countries for English teachers, you can help yourself stand out from the competition by obtaining special certifications and and highlighting your relevant teaching experiences.

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3. Colombia

Enjoy Carribean beaches, world-famous coffee, and breathtaking landscapes when you choose to teach English in Colombia! This culturally rich South American country boasts a thriving social scene that makes it easy to establish connections with locals.

Overall, the education systems in Colombia are less strict than in other places, so don’t be surprised if students come late to class or meetings run behind schedule! However, the relaxed approach allows for student-teacher relationships to be open and friendly, which helps make the classroom a fun and lively learning environment.

The country has come a long way in recent years and is on the path for human development progress and an improved economy. With the second-largest population of Spanish speakers in the world, immersing yourself in Columbian culture can be a great way to pick up the popular language!

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4. Spain

English-speakers have long been attracted to Spain, making it one of Europe’s most popular countries for studying and speaking English overseas. With some of the world’s best food and wine, Spain offers a rich culture that includes flamenco dancing, afternoon siestas, and late-night fiestas.

With miles of sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine, and warmer weather than the rest of Europe, it’s easy to see why this country attracts those that are looking to teach abroad. As a bonus, travel within the country is relatively affordable and it’s well-connected to the rest of Europe!

5. South Korea

Offering a well-developed, modern economy, exciting pop culture, and comfortable quality of life, South Korea has been established as one of the best places to teach abroad in recent years. Both government and private teaching organisations have attracted thousands of English teachers each year with generous compensation packages that may include compensated airfare and accommodations. The community of English teachers is large enough that it’s easy to make connections and find willing travel partners. The county’s small size makes transportation systems affordable and easy to navigate.

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6. Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of teaching abroad, average salaries ranging between $3,000-4,000 monthly gives English teachers an opportunity to build up their savings. In addition to monthly compensation, many programs offer flight reimbursement, accommodations, and in-country healthcare for qualified candidates.

Keep in mind that the country is very conservative, meaning that women will need to cover their hair and will mostly likely need a male driver to bring them anywhere that they would like to go. Women are currently only allowed to teach women while men can only teach men. If you can embrace a different culture and the constant heat, Saudi Arabia can be an attractive choice when considering teaching abroad.

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