Amazing theme parks for a fun-filled vacation

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If you want to go somewhere that your whole family will enjoy, there are few better places to check out than theme parks. With heart-pounding thrill rides, musical entertainment, and countless opportunities for people-watching, these world-famous amusement parks are sure to delight both children and the young-at-heart!

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Universal’s Islands of Adventure (Orlando, Florida)

Although Orlando is typically associated with Disney World, Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme Park has stolen the spotlight in recent years. This amusement park has been rated as the #1 Amusement Park in the World by Tripadvisor for the past 5 years in a row due to the truly outstanding array of activities, attractions, and accommodations offered here. Harry Potter fans will love seeing the Hogwarts castle, shopping in Diagon Alley, choosing their wands, and enjoying themed rides and shows about the famous series. Kids can meet their favorite characters, from Marvel superheroes to classic comic book characters, and the whole family is sure to find plenty of dining options from the dozens of restaurants located within the park. With so many rides, events, shopping opportunities, and live shows to experience, you’ll definitely need to stay here for a while!

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Universal Studios Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most famous attractions in LA, and it delights thrill-seekers, movie fanatics, TV enthusiasts, and children alike. You can hop on a tour to see the sets from famous TV shows, such as “Desperate Housewives,” and the ominous Bates Motel from the movie “Psycho.” There are plenty of rides to get your blood pumping, from the Jurassic Park-themed roller coaster to the Transformers 3D ride, where you’ll feel as if you’re really fighting alongside Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, some calmer features of the park include characters from cartoons, the fictional town of Springfield from “The Simpsons,” and live entertainment featured all hours of the day. For dining, you can choose from dozens of restaurants based on popular books, TV shows, and movies. From the Jurassic Cafe to Luigi’s Pizza to the Three Broomsticks, even the pickiest eater will find something they’ll love.

Europa Park (Rust, Germany)

This beautiful park features well over 100 attractions and shows, including 13 roller coasters and 15 different themed areas that each focus on a different European country. You and your family can enjoy a broad range of cuisines while soaking in the unique sights and sounds of this multicultural park, but you may want to wait until after experiencing the rides before indulging in too much food! Some of the top attractions include a 4D movie cinema, 2 VR roller coasters, a 100km/hr wooden roller coaster, and incredible themed rides that will take your breath away. However, this park isn’t all just fun and games; there are on-site hotels, spas, wellness centers, and other places to help you de-stress after a long day of play.

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Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This amusement park seems to come straight out of a fairytale with its nostalgic rides, twinkling lights, live music performances (dancing is encouraged!), and upscale restaurants. Unlike other theme parks, guests are welcome to bring their own picnic lunches into the gardens, but it’s highly recommended to try out some of the food offered there. Visitors can delight in
traditional Danish cuisine, French bistro-style food, Asian-inspired dishes, and even a restaurant opened by Michelin-star chef, Henrik Yde. Of course, be sure to eat after you get your fill of the roller coasters here, such as The Demon, a roller coaster equipped with VR to make you feel as if you’re surrounded by fire-breathing dragons and fireworks!

Beto Carrero World (Penha, Brazil)

One reviewer raves that Beto Carrero World is a, “Beautiful theme park for children and adults, with a surprising diversity of attractions. One day is not enough for all the great rides and unmissable shows!” This fantastically vibrant theme park is definitely a must for anyone craving an adventure. It even has the largest park entrance gate in the world, fondly referred to as the Castle of Nations. Along with roller coasters, water rides, and numerous restaurants, there is also an animal sanctuary where you can see over 1,000 animals, including white tigers, elephants, giraffes, and more!

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