Summer is a popular travel time. School’s out, people are using their accumulated vacation time, and the weather’s just right for relaxing on an exotic beach somewhere, with all your worries and responsibilities a thousand miles away. But sometimes the pressure to plan the perfect holiday can get overwhelming. Where should you go, anyway? You only get one vacation a year, so make it worthwhile and cross something off that list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences list. Here are some summer travel destinations that offer you a fantastic time you won’t find anywhere else.

Ticino, Switzerland

Take a nap on the plane and you might think you landed in Italy instead. Ticino is like a small pocket of Italian cuisine, culture and wine hidden in the south of Switzerland. The people there speak Italian and the Mendrisiotto Wine Route will make even the most seasoned wine aficionado’s mouth water. Switzerland is a bit cheaper to stay in than Italy, too, so if you’re trying to plan that dream getaway without mortgaging your entire life, Ticino is definitely worth a trip.

In the summer the Ticino is especially fun. Their summertime activities include everything from whitewater rides to walks through sub-tropical gardens. And of course, the Alps are always just a short trip away.

Fairbanks, Alaska

While Alaskan summer cruises are the most popular form of summertime fun in the northernmost state, there is still more to do. The Northern Lights, while most commonly seen during the winter months, can be viewed at the tail end of the summer, as well. So if you’re planning your travels for late August or early September, consider a Northern Lights Tour. It’s a breathtaking sight you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Maui, Hawaii

The quintessential beach vacation. If you’ve never been to the Pacific Islands, then you’re missing out on some of the bluest water and softest sand the ocean has to offer. Wailea Beach offers an impressive resort area with beach umbrellas and piña coladas as far as the eye can see. But there are also dormant volcanoes to hike and beautiful reefs to scuba dive around for the more nature-inclined.

Hawaii offers the kind of true island getaway you need to experience at least once. The temperatures are nice and warm all summer long, but if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water, later summer boasts warmer water temperatures. Don’t forget to visit a luau, and to try your talents at traditional Hawaiian surfing!

Okinawa, Japan

Everyone should try authentic Japanese sushi at least once. And while you could spend a year in Japan experiencing the cuisine alone, there are plenty of other unique attractions in Okinawa. Summer is the perfect time to hop between the more than 160 islands. Scuba diving, hiking, and snorkelling like you’ve never seen before. Okinawa even sports its own ancient castle for those interested in Japanese history.


The top spot in the Mediterranean. Majorca is where postcard companies come for their material. A trip to Majorca is a world-class tour of fabulous beaches, island culture and amazing architecture. It’s worth journeying to Majorca for the Palms Cathedral alone, but there are many examples of ancient castles and gothic architecture to entertain you the whole summer long.

The unique Mediterranean cuisine and constant village festivals also make Majorca a sure-fire vacation hit that’s hard to come home from.

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