Kids. We love them. But how do you ensure traveling with kids is fun for you and them? Especially when it comes down to being in a place that is not necessarily in their comfort zone. A vacation is meant for the peace and good times, an escape from the normal routine, and for memories that last a lifetime. Here are seven essential travel tips to make that happen when bringing the young ones along.

traveling with kids travel tips

1. Pick the right location

As with all the tips listed below, this one is dependent on the age of your kids. If your kids are all under the age of 10, we recommend saving yourself some trouble and avoid going in the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. The amount of gear you have to lug, the training they have to endure, the communication and upkeep while they are on the mountain, and the cold weather are all major issues to avoid with younger kids. Of course, if you are have experienced this type of vacation before, or if your kids are active and sporty, then your kids would surely love it.

Most international travels are more about sightseeing and city experiences. Look into specific cities and countries that your kids would enjoy based on their personalities. Taking the time to create an itinerary that works for you and the kids will be worth it, trust us.

2. Make sure it’s fun for them

While we all wish we could go to Disney World every chance we get – but in reality, we can’t keep going there all the time. As we said above, picking the right city is important. Picking what in that city is next. Most beaches and places with warm weather come with side activities such as go-karting, putt-putt, zoos, and theme parks to keep the kids entertained. While you are sightseeing, make things fun for them! Play a game like “I Spy” while you are it.

Whatever it is you end up finding in your travel destination Google searches, the greatest thing you can do with kids is always be ready to say “yes” to spontaneous adventures. You may have a plan, but plans can be relaxed. Kids just want to have fun! Last minute plans often lead to some of the best memories.

3. Prepare for all possibilities

Now, for the boring yet necessary part. Packing the suitcases and the bags! If you know the general climate of the destination, this is not too difficult to manage. But Mother Nature loves to do her thing! Clothes are easy to plan for – remember to bring them a few extra clothes they can get wet or dirty in, bring umbrellas and jackets, etc. A good thing to keep in mind is you’ll probably end up doing some alternative activities too. If weather gets in the way, you can think of something to keep the kids engaged. let them contribute with suggestions too!

4. Stay safe with BNESIM cards

Communication is key. You have heard it, we have heard it, everybody has heard it. Travelling with kids can get crazy, especially with the global median age for a kid having their own cell phone now being 8 years old. (If that shocks you, here are more related statistics.) If they do have a phone already or if you’re planning on giving them a phone for travel safety purposes, look into snagging a few cards from BNESIM. For any international travel, this is the way to go. Avoid roaming costs and enjoy your holiday with at least one aspect carefree –  we have no hidden charges, either! And always keep your family’s safety in mind.

5. Be aware of their needs

“Are you hungry?”

“Are you tired?”

“Are you having fun?”

“Do you want to do something instead?”

Keep these questions on loop. Their memories depend on it and so do yours! As you may have already realized, the first two questions dictate how anything turns out with your kids. Keep them fed, keep them rested, and have some fun!

6. Sleep!

We’ll say it again. Keep them rested! Remind yourself that it is a vacation and you want to enjoy yourself. Yes, there are things to do, places to see, and people to meet– they can all wait. All the fun happens when the kids aren’t grumpy. If you are travelling with young children, slot out a period in the day to go back to your hotel and have a bit of a nap-time so you and the kids can stay and enjoy the evenings. There are different activities for different times of the day and this will ensure they don’t miss out on sightseeing. And afternoons are usually slow, so that would be an optimal time for the kids to nap and rest. And maybe you can too!

7. Once you’re back

Make sure to keep enough time to spare for delays or eventualities so that you don’t miss any flights or buses. It’s important to have extra time so that you and your family is rested and not rushing their way back home.

The kids will probably fall asleep after having so much fun on the trip, but make sure you talk about all the fun stuff they did! Maybe slightly older children can write, or scrapbook or have a keepsake of their holiday. Talking about it and creating a memory keepsake will be something lovely for them to look back on and remember the wonderful times they had, when they are older.