Italy features gorgeous landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for walking tours. Whether you choose to hike through the picturesque villages on Tuscan Hills or you’re taking in the views of the Amalfi Coast, there are many experiences to treasure when checking out many amazing sites of Italy.

We’ve put together a list of our top six picks of great walks to enjoy throughout Italy:

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Amalfi Coast and mountains

When visiting the Amalfi Coast and mountains, you can enjoy the relaxing view of the turquoise water and pebblestone beaches. During your visit, discover winding paths and explore vibrant villages and terraced vineyards.

Unforgettable walking and exploring awaits visitors who visit the scenic Amalfi Coast. The Valley of the Ancient Mills offers picturesque gardens and stunning coastal views that are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The valley features ancient water mills and the ruins of paper factories dating back to the 11th century.

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Isle of Capri

Enjoy a rejuvenating walk on the Isle of Capri. You will encounter Roman ruins like the Villa Jovis and Emperor Tiberius’s villa. You will be in awe of the views along the coastal path of the Arco Naturale, until you finally reach Faraglioni.

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Scala and the nature reserve of ‘Valle delle Ferriere’

You can catch a bus from Amalfi to the picturesque village called Scala. The village boasts peaceful walking paths that will take you directly to the nature reserve of ‘Valle delle Ferriere’, which translates to a deep valley surrounded by high cliffs.

As you meander through the meadows, past the waterfalls and amazing landscapes, you will cross a high path leading to Pogerola. Not far from there is another village called Agerola. The village is a wide green valley surrounded by thick natural forest that offers spectacular views of the sea and mountains.

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Coastal Views from Mt. Tre Calli

This walk offers incredible coastal views. The ancient paths that cut into the mountainside are ideal for sightseeing. The central square of Bomerano (Agerola) will take you to the highest point of the Amalfi Coast, the Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi.

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Walk from Bomerano to Praino

Travelers will enjoy walking the famous “Footpath of the Gods” located between Bomerano and Colle Serra. From there you can walk downhill to Praiano, which offers impressive views of the coastline looking over the famous Isle of Capri. This particular area has famous cliffs that provide a terrific view of a small fishing village called Praino.

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The Dolomites of Val Badia

The Val Badia is one of the Ladin valleys found in the South Tyrol area of the Dolomites. South Tyrol is a well-known area that is famous for its beauty and ideal location at the bottom of the Dolomites. This part of Italy offer exceptional cuisine options, a variety of wildlife, and plants. You’ll enjoy the sounds of birds singing as you walk through the mountain paths near the village of La Valle-Wengen.

After passing over the Sas de Crosta (Pares) mountain, you’ll see amazing views from the Crusc de Rit, which overlooks the Val Badia to the south, as well as Austrian peaks in the north. You will walk through long stretches of forest and wide pastures, with outstanding views of the rock faces of Sas Delesc, the Sas Dales Nu, and the Ju De Sant Antone.

You can then make your way either by bus or by foot to the village of Pederoa. The route climbs the wide glades with amazing views of the entire La Valle, along with Longiaru and Monte Puttia.

As you gradually descend along the Gran Ega river, you will end up near the peak of Spizan leading to Pederoa.

If you are looking for additional hiking opportunities, you can enjoy a climb from La Valle to Fanes. You will descend on stony footpaths that guide you past Sasso delle Nove. During your walk you will enjoy views of the Pares ridge and Austrian peaks. You will also come across the Ju De Sant Antone that has ample views of the valley and the Fanes-Senes-Braines National Park.

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