Airbnb is most popular for its affordable short-term accommodations, but there’s a lot more to the platform than you might assume! Guests can rent apartments for months at a time, stay in a shared living space, rent an entire home, or stay in unique places such as treehouses and bamboo palaces. Hundreds of thousands of hosts around the globe can make a significant income simply by inviting travelers to stay in their home.

However, you don’t necessarily need to rent out your apartment to make some extra money on Airbnb. If you’re knowledgeable about your local region and willing to share some of your insights with tourists, you can create and host experiences for travelers!

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What are Airbnb experiences?

Airbnb experiences are hosted by outgoing local experts who are passionate about their town or city. A host may be a chef, artist, musician, historian, or a professional within another field. The host’s primary goal is to help travelers feel connected to the local region by creating fun, memorable activities that couldn’t be found anywhere else. For instance, a baker could host a private cake decorating class, or a naturalist could lead hikers on a hidden trail that most tourists can’t find.

Although there are multiple kinds of experiences on Airbnb, each host is held to a set of requirements. To list your own experience on Airbnb, you must be able to provide:

  • Access. Hosts need to give guests access to unique places and activities that they wouldn’t be able to find by themselves.
  • Perspective. Hosts should be able to convey their own insights and viewpoints about the experience.
  • Participation. Experiences need to allow guests to actively participate during the event. For example, attending a local concert wouldn’t be considered an Airbnb experience on its own, but if you could take guests behind-the-scenes of the event, it would be a truly special occurrence.
  • Passion. Hosts should be genuinely passionate about the experience, and they should be able to prove that they’re knowledgeable about the topic or skill.
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Benefits of hosting an experience

Hosting experiences with Airbnb is one of the most flexible ways you can earn extra money—and have fun while doing it! Whether you’d like to host a flamenco dance class, lead a city-wide ghost tour, or give tourists mermaid makeovers, you’ll be able to:

  • Meet new people from around the world while pursuing your own passions.
  • Share your passions and talents with others who are curious about the topic you adore. You can have the freedom to craft your unique brand, showcase your work, and be as creative as you’d like.
  • Access millions of potential guests on the Airbnb platform.
  • Set all of your own terms. You can decide which days work for you, how much your experience should cost, how many guests are permitted for each experience, and more.
  • Have 24/7 support for you and your guests. Airbnb provides stellar customer service, primary liability insurance, refund and payment processing, and professional third-party photography and even copywriting support for qualified hosts.
  • Join a community of other hosts. When you become a host, you can participate in discussions and forums, share hospitality tips, access helpful management tools, and learn more ways to improve your experiences.

How to get started

If you’re ready to get started with your new side hustle, it just takes a few simple steps to list an experience on Airbnb:

  • Learn Airbnb’s quality standards. Do you have personal expertise? Can you provide inside access to unique events? Will you be able to help guests feel connected to you and the local region?
  • Create an experience page. Potential guests will be scrolling through hundreds of experiences, so make sure that your page stands out! You can make a positive impression on travelers by clearly describing your expertise, adding high-quality pictures, and responding quickly to any questions.
  • Set up your calendar and begin hosting. Once your experience is reviewed to make sure it meets the quality standards, you can begin adding dates and hosting visitors in your local area!
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