When travelling the world, you should be focusing on the beautiful sites, amazing food, and stunning destinations. Unfortunately, while touring abroad too many people can’t forget about home and the nasty phone bill waiting for them. In the age of social media, it is near impossible to spend an entire trip without your cell phone; however, if you travel with your traditional service, you may face monstrous roaming fees when you return home.

Thankfully, it is easy to avoid bill shock. Instead of wasting valuable trip money on roaming fees, you can save hundreds of dollars by investing in a virtual SIM card.

Utilize multiple phone numbers

Instead of battling high roaming fees, BNESIM allows you to travel the world for one low price. This unique virtual SIM card is different from your standard calling card. Instead of working in just one country, BNESIM allows you to travel to over 88 countries, while still being able to make and receive calls for one low price. You don’t even have to use your normal phone number. When you sign up for the service, BNESIM allows you to activate multiple phone numbers from different countries. The first phone number is free! This feature is perfect for travelling business leaders, who typically use multiple phone numbers to keep work and life separate. Regardless of how many numbers you add, they are always active on your phone.

Once you have established your international phone numbers, you can receive global unlimited free incoming calls. These calls can be from the country your number is from, or any country abroad. BNESIM also features the lowest rates on worldwide outgoing calls. So regardless of where your travels take you, you can always stay connected to the people who matter most.

Virtual SIM card

Use your personal mobile number

If you prefer to use your personal number while you travel, BNESIM’s virtual SIM card allows you to stay seamlessly connected without roaming fees. Furthermore, since the SIM card is virtual, you never have to insert a local SIM card into your phone. Instead of utilizing a local SIM card, you can divert your mobile incoming calls to your BNESIM number.

BNESIM offers invincible HD quality calls around the world, so whether you’re just one country over, or on a completely different continent, you can still stay connected with family and friends. BNESIM also allows you to send and receive international SMS. The SMS service is free between BNESIM users.

Often when travelling, you want to keep in touch with the people back home, but you also want to enjoy your personal alone time. The BNESIM app has you covered. The “Do not disturb” feature will silence any calls or texts, so you are not disturbed during your travels. Whether you are stuck in an important meeting, or just want to soak in all the history the local museums have to offer, you can enjoy part of your trip in peace.

Easy to use App

Avoiding bill shock doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of fighting through a language barrier in the middle of the night trying to purchase a calling card at the local convenience store, the BNESIM app makes staying connected simple. The easy to use app features a virtual SIM card, so no matter where you are, you can use the BNESIM SIM card capabilities. This includes access to text messages, phone calls, and video messages.

The BNESIM app allows you to enjoy free unlimited encrypted HD quality calls from your country and abroad. Before you embark on your trip, you can save money by having your friends and family download the app. This way you can stay in contact every day.

BNESIM offers low-cost plans that can be tailored to your travelling needs. Whether you are touring Europe, visiting North America, or travelling through Africa, there is a plan that meets your budget. Any minutes you pay for never expire. Instead, they continue to roll over. So any minutes you don’t utilize on this trip can save you money next time you go abroad. You can find out more about the Virtual SIM card experience by visiting BNESIM.com