When people reminisce about the highlights of their vacations, the time they spend in airports doesn’t usually come to mind. Most airports are notoriously stressful, crowded, and confusing for even the most experienced frequent fliers, so most travelers want to quickly get in and out as quickly as possible. However, despite the somewhat negative perceptions that people have about airports, there are a few outstanding examples of airports that go all-out to ensure that each passenger is delighted. If you’ve never had a truly enjoyable experience before boarding a place, these airports are here to change that once and for all:

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Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport was ranked as the Number 1 airport in Asia in 2019, and its website boasts that it offers all of its guests an airport experience unlike any other. Along with seamlessly handling over 5,000 takeoffs and departures every week, Changi Airport has movie screenings, a swimming pool, a shopping center, and it hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. If you find yourself here for several hours, you can enjoy a free guided tour of Singapore, take a nap in one of the several free lounges, go play some games on the entertainment deck, or let your kids burn off some energy in the Family Zone. This is one airport that most people wouldn’t complain about having a layover in!

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London Heathrow Airport

In 2019, Heathrow was voted for having the world’s best airport shopping experiences, and it was rated as the Best Airport in Western Europe. Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was even ranked as the World’s Best Airport Terminal! When passengers visit this airport, they can enjoy luxurious lounges, fine dining restaurants, quaint cafes, and high-end stores. There are even complimentary personal shoppers available to help you select the best styles and products for your unique tastes; simply book a consultation, tell them about your personal preferences, and you’ll receive a custom-curated shopping list when you arrive at the airport! Lastly, if you’re traveling with little ones, there are always family-friendly events to keep the kids occupied with crafts, games and more as you wait for your next flight.

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Doha Hamad International Airport

This airport was voted as the Best Airport in the Middle East, and it earned the title for having the Best Airport Staff in the Middle East in 2019. The genuine hospitality offered here makes each and every guest feel welcomed, no matter what needs they may have. If you need to relax for a while before embarking on your connecting flight, you can visit the on-site Vitality & Well-Being Fitness Centre, take a break in one of the lounges, find some peace and quiet in a prayer room, or simply enjoy a hot shower after a long plane ride. There are dozens of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, so even the pickiest eater in your group will be able to find something they’ll love. If you’re itching for something to do, you could spend hours browsing through the art exhibitions, shops, and entertainment offered in the airport.

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Munich Airport

Although the Munich Airport is only the second-busiest airport in Germany, it won three awards in 2019 alone: Best Airport in Europe, Best Airport in Central Europe, and Best Airport with 40-50 Million Passengers. It offers over 150 retail stores to browse through and dozens of dining options, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more. Guests can also choose to take guided tours of the airport, get a closer look at the airplanes from the Observation Deck, or check out the Visitors Park for an interactive, family-friendly experience. Munich Airport also has a range of facilities and services available to meet the needs of every guest. From pharmacists and doctors to professional cosmetics and beauty professionals, you can be sure you’ll be taken care of here!

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