Whether you are travelling for a business trip or a solo vacation, you are going to need to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues while abroad. An international data SIM card will allow you to use your smartphone overseas so you can connect with others through calls, text, email, and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Because WhatsApp allows users to make calls and send high-speed, secure messages to people around the world, it is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. In order to use this app to send or receive messages, you need to have a reliable WiFi connection or you need to allow WhatsApp to connect with the SIM card number on your phone so that WhatsApp messenger can use your Internet data plan.

Using WhatsApp abroad

While using your WiFi or data works just fine if you are in your home country, it can present challenges when you travel abroad. Many times when people travel, they do not always have access to WiFi. If your hostel or hotel does not offer WiFi, you might have to rely on data more than you would like in order to send or receive messages while in another country.

When WhatsApp uses your Internet data plan, you are subject to any roaming fees accrued while using the app. When you travel overseas, these roaming fees can become exorbitant, significantly increasing the overall cost of your trip.

If you want to use WhatsApp to stay connected with others while you are out of the country without worrying about your connection or breaking the bank, you should purchase an international data SIM card. Using an International data SIM card will provide you with an international phone number that you can use for WhatsApp, and it will help you save money while staying in touch with your friends and family when you travel abroad.

WhatsApp SIM

Benefits of purchasing a WhatsApp SIM card

International data SIM cards are the best tools for communicating in other countries, especially when using messaging apps like WhatsApp, because they are cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use. Your service provider might offer international packages for you to use when you leave the country, but these add-ons are expensive and can also come with hidden costs or pricey international roaming fees. With international data SIM cards, you know exactly what you are paying for and often pay-as-you-go.

International data SIM cards also alleviate the stress that comes with needing to find and purchase a local SIM card for every country you visit. With an international data SIM card, you will have coverage in several countries, so you can still make calls and use your smartphone, even if you are just passing through a country briefly or you have a layover. You do not have to worry about re

If you want to have reliable coverage and Internet access, unlimited free calls, and a hassle-free communication experience when you are visiting other countries, you should try the BNESIM Starter Pack.

BNESIM Starter Pack

The BNESIM Starter Pack is the perfect international data SIM card for anyone who needs to send and receive calls and messages from friends and family when abroad. With the BNESIM Starter Pack, users are granted access to 100 MB of 4G Lite Internet valid in 64 Internet Home Countries.

If you are visiting someplace other than one of those 64 countries, you can take advantage of BNESIM’s affordable national plans and flat data rates with coverage in over 170 countries. Whether you are spending multiple days in one of these countries or you are just passing through on your way to a different country, you will still be covered, and you do not have to worry about missing a text or a call. This makes the BNESIM Starter Pack one of the best WhatsApp SIM cards.

In addition to providing excellent coverage, the BNESIM Starter Pack is incredibly cost-effective. BNESIM users can save as much as 95% on calls and data when they use BNESIM international data SIM cards. The BNESIM Starter Pack offers users unlimited free calls and texts to any other BNESIM user, and they provide one free international line with the option to purchase up more. If you are looking for an affordable way to stay connected while you are on vacation or a business trip to a different country, the BNESIM Starter Pack is a great international data SIM card to try.

With the BNESIM Starter Pack, you can avoid roaming charges and enjoy data and Internet access without spending too much money or worrying about your credits expiring. The convenient BNESIM mobile app, available for iPhone or Android, makes it easy for you to check your credits and adjust your plan when necessary. This international data SIM card will give you the most benefits for your money, and help you keep in touch with your family when you travel overseas.

For more information about the BNESIM Starter Pack or other international data SIM cards, visit BNESIM.