If you’ve yet to go to a major music festival, these incredible places around the world are planning to pull out all the stops for their 2020 itineraries. Whether you’re into rap, hip-hop, rock, or something in between, you’re sure to hear some of your favorite bands alongside talented emerging musicians. If you’re looking for world-famous parties, globally-recognized artists, and unforgettable activities, check out the following festivals that you should add to your bucket list:

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

In 2019, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (often shortened to “Jazz Fest”) attracted over 450,000 attendees to celebrate its 50th annual celebration. The festival has been praised by numerous sources over the decades, including the Wall Street Journal, Life magazine, and the New York Times. According to the festival website, it continues to “celebrate the culture of Louisiana with the combined fervor of a gospel hymn and the joy of a jazz parade.”

Despite the name, Jazz Fest always has a wide variety of music you can listen to as you enjoy New Orleans delicacies, such as crawfish and fried alligator. 2019 welcomed artists including Katy Perry, Pitbull, Logic, and dozens of other artists that specialize in other music genres. In 2020, you can come explore the festival for yourself from April 23 to May 3!

Budapest Sziget Festival

This welcoming festival takes place on its own island, and it offered over 1,500 programs on 50 different venues in 2019. Each stage of Sziget is dedicated to different music genres, and it’s safe to say there’s something that everyone will enjoy. Just a few of the venues include the Main Stage, which is where international musicians perform, the Europe Stage, which hosts upcoming bands from across the continent, and the Colosseum, a picturesque stage where electronic and underground music will be performed.

If you need a break after dancing through several concerts, Sziget offers a number of other activities for you to take part in. You can catch theatre and dance performances, contemporary circus acts, movie screenings, museums, sports activities, or even take a dip in the Danube! Next year, the festival will host several popular artists including Bastille, Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Ray and more.

Glastonbury Festival

In 2019, this festival sold 135,000 tickets in less than 36 minutes, so it’s best to start planning for your 2020 visit now! This year’s Glastonbury festival included performances from Miley Cyrus, The Killers, Billie Eilish, Janelle Monae, The Cure, and other notable musicians. The festival is described to be “like loads of different festivals converging on the same gorgeous countryside for the weekend,” where each area of the festival has its own unique characteristics, attractions, and loyal fans. In 2020, the Glastonbury Festival will take place from June 24 through June 28, and the event organizers encourage you to explore all of the special experiences the venue has to offer.

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When you think of huge festivals and all-night parties, Wisconsin probably doesn’t come to mind, but Summerfest is sure to change your mind for good! For 11 days from June to July, the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is flooded with over 800 different acts, musicians, and bands from around the world. Rolling Stone magazine even declared that Summerfest is one of the “must-see musical festivals” for music lovers.

In addition to international artists and indie bands, you can find a surprising amount of things to enjoy near the lakefront festival grounds. Summerfest is one of the most family-friendly festivals, with the Northwestern Mutual Children’s Theater and PlayZone available to help your little ones burn off some of their energy before heading to the major nightly concerts. You can also enjoy dozens of local restaurants, boutiques, shops, and more throughout the city of Milwaukee.

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