Whether you want your next vacation to be completely stress-free and rejuvenating or full of new adventures, these incredible destinations are sure to provide plenty of features and attractions for your ideal summer trip. Beach bums, thrill seekers, and everyone in between will find something for them at these top summer destinations for 2019. So find your sandals and slather on the sunscreen, because these gorgeous locations are just waiting for you to pack your bags and experience your best summer getaway yet!

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Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, the Turquoise Coast offers white sandy beaches, upscale hotels, and plenty of archaeological marvels to explore. Visit the Adana Archaeological Museum or the Antalya Museum to see the vast collections, or explore the region yourself to see ruins like the Ancient Theater, Aspendos, and the Lycian Rock Tombs. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit the castles that line the Turquoise Coast, such as the Bodrum Castle, the Rumeli Hisari, and the Kayseri Castle to learn about the history of these fascinating landmarks. Finally, be sure to take a dip at the beautiful Olympos Beach or the famous iztuzu Beach, which is sandwiched between the Mediterranean and a freshwater lagoon.

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Dordogne, France

This romantic fairy-tale getaway is full of ancient castles and magnificent gardens, but it’s also home to 9 Michelin-starred restaurants, 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and several luxurious hotels. Dordogne provides a quieter vacation spot for those who want to avoid “tourist season” in the more well-known regions of France, but it still offers plenty of must-see attractions. Explore the cave of Grotte de Lascaux and see the prehistoric drawings that cover the walls, or go to the Château de Castelnaud, a medieval fortress complete with meter-thick walls, a dungeon, and a museum full of ancient war artifacts. Another top recommendation is to visit the Périgueux marketplace on a Wednesday or Saturday to shop from countless street vendors, and then spend the evening enjoying a meal from L’Essential or Le Saint Martial.

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Ischia, Italy

The volcanic island of Ischia offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. Guests can sunbathe on the warm beaches, visit lush gardens, and hike along beautiful walkways such as the Path of the Sun or the Avenue of the Ailantus. There is a selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes scattered around the island, as well as an array of historical artifacts to explore. Wander through the remains of Bourbon Prison, the ancient cathedrals and castles, and the haunting Cemetery of the Nuns. The ancient Assunta Cathedral even hosts events like weddings, concerts, and poetry readings!

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Belize City, Belize

The small country of Belize provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s jungles, Mayan ruins, beaches, and much more. In the capital city, tourists can see attractions like the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, the Belize Zoo, or the outstanding Mayan site of Altun Ha. Visit the St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest Anglican church in Central America, or take a trip out to Old Belize to relax on the beach, try out a zipline course, and enjoy a meal at the local restaurant. Other fun opportunities include guided tubing tours through the mysterious caves of Belize or snorkeling among the array of unique marine life. There are a number of guided walking tours, cruises, and even horse and carriage rides for you to embark on!

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Christchurch, New Zealand

The unique city of Christchurch is in the heart of the Canterbury region and truly provides something for everyone. Indulge in a luxurious spa treatment at the Champs-Elysées Day Spa while relaxing in the natural thermal pools, and then marvel at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. For more of an adventure, go hiking along the Canterbury Trails, have a thrill ride on a guided jet boating tour, go ziplining at the Adrenalin Forest, or head to the Christchurch Adventure Park to experience the biggest mountain bike park in the Southern Hemisphere. There are countless ways to enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand whether you want to explore the region on your own or go on a guided hike, bike, or boat ride with a friendly tour guide.

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