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Call any country in the world without roaming charges.

A data coverage extended to 170+ countries worldwide.

Special flat rates in 88 countries out of the 170+ covered.

Download the BNESIM app to check out our coverage, and save up to 95% with our voice and data plans.

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   No contracts. No commitments.

   No roaming costs worldwide.

   No allowance expiration.

   No filtered Internet.

   Nobody can spy on your Internet activities.

   Try it, then customize your SIM card.

world travel awards

BNESIM is the World Travel Awards winner of

“World’s Leading Travel Communication Provider”

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Is it true that my SIM and my voice and data allowances never expire?

Yep! Get your SIM, enjoy your global data, and if there are any credits left at the end of your trip, use it the next time you travel. We used to require a top-up every six months in order to keep your account active, but that’s no longer needed.

BNESIM really doesn't do contracts?

No contracts at all! Just get your SIM and choose the plan that better suits your travel needs. You can cancel it or change it at any time. No commitments.

Will my SIM work in countries where Internet access is filtered?

Yes, it will! And you will be able to use all of your favorite apps, to WhatsApp your friends and even use dating apps. It’s time to update your profile picture on Tinder! 🙂

Got more questions?

Find your answers on our FAQs page or contact us.
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