7 Animal-Friendly Countries You must Visit with Your Four-Legged Buddy!


It’s so much fun to travel with your animal companion. Consider taking great Instagram photos of yourself and your cat, going on walks and adventures with them, and relaxing on the extra-comfy bed while he shakes off any hangovers. This will give the cleaning crew extra work for their upcoming shift. As more pet-friendly eateries open up across worldwide, vacations with pets are becoming more and more common. But we still have ways to catch up with these seven 7 animal-friendly countries you must visit with your four-legged buddy in terms of lodging, transportation, and recreational amenities.



If you travel to Down Under, you and your pet will have an amazing time. Australia has everything: pet-friendly hotels in Melbourne, dog parks and destinations in Sydney, and pet activities and events you may visit. Another enjoyable pastime to enjoy with your dog is chilling out at the beach, where the laid-back Aussies enjoy doing so with their pets. Just remember to bring your Frisbee!


England, known as the “country of dog and cat lovers,” is one of those cultures where it is more acceptable to exhibit devotion to animals than to people. We can say that England is at the top of the Animal-Friendly Countries list. The six-month quarantine is no longer required due to a relaxation of government regulations on animal quarantine, provided your pet possesses a passport. Thanks to the country’s rolling hills, meadows, and lovely gardens, your pet will have a great time.


The rough terrain of Austria is ideal for hard exercise for your dog. This nation’s sparkling beauty makes for some priceless photos you can take with your pet. Make sure your dog receives an ISO microchip before admission, and don’t bring more than three pets (which would be sort of an effort in the first place – After all, you HAVE to travel here to loosen up, haven’t you?). Like Switzerland, Austria permits pets in restaurants and on its public transportation. Its residents are generally fairly amiable and animal-loving.


Consider villas, beaches, and areas near the ocean where your pet can run around. Visiting pet-friendly Greece may be quite rewarding if you know when and where to travel. Bookings should be made as close to the spring as possible because the summers may be quite hot here. There isn’t much else that can seriously harm your pet, though, if they have already endured the intense heat of India.


Although traveling with a pet is subject to import restrictions in the USA, the available facilities will more than make up for this inconvenience. Keep in mind that some canine breeds cannot enter the United States. Keep in mind that some canine breeds cannot enter the United States. Additionally, the country’s federal structure mandates that you research the pet regulations of the state or states you are visiting to know what is allowed and what is not. But if you make it through this, the USA might be the paradise your dog needs. There is pretty much everything your dog could possibly desire to be pampered the way he deserves, including pet-friendly hotel chains, airlines that allow you to fly with your pet, pet socializing activities, grooming parlors, and a ton of dog parks.


Always have a sufficient amount of water on hand to keep your pet hydrated in Spain’s hot climate. Aside from that, Spain is a paradise for your pet, thanks to its opulent villas that welcome pets, restaurants and cafés that accommodate our canine friends, and an abundance of water features and pools that urge you and your pet to take a splash. To provide your dog with even more entertainment and convenience, some of the larger cities even include dog exercise and bathroom areas.


Despite not being an EU member, Switzerland is quite accommodating of pets entering and leaving its borders, so keep that in mind while organizing your trip to Europe with your pet. Swiss public transportation formally allows the transportation of pets, and they even provide a Day Card for Dogs. Transportation of small pets under 30 cm tall is free. If your pet is calm, most restaurants will let you bring it in.


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