5 Best AirBnB Booking Techniques for Securing Your Dream Apartment


In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to use the top 5 Airbnb booking methods that work perfectly to get on your way to rental ecstasy (and, most crucially, avoid bad AirBnB rentals that disrupt your trip)!

We’ve had nearly a decade of exposure to identifying hidden treasures and avoiding the duds as early adopters of Airbnb. We are going to share our best AirBnB discovery and booking tactics with you to enable you to do the same.

If you follow the instructions below, you’ll be on your way to renting your dream property!

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 Airbnb booking techniques:

  • Picking the appropriate AirBnB reservation location
  • Non-negotiable elements are filtered out.
  • Gathering “proof” from photography
  • Finding great AirBnB rental recommendations (and not so rave reviews)
  • Making friends with your Airbnb host

1. Pick the Right Airbnb Reservation Location

The choosing procedure does not occur on AirBnB. Instead, you’ll have to utilize your Search skills to choose the best location for your requirements.

When it comes to neighborhood alternatives, most cities cover the gamut: hipster, yuppie, urban, suburban, expensive, up-and-coming, business, and residential. When researching a place, your idea is to integrate the vibe you want with your trip’s area(s). This is where your Airbnb search begins.

For instance, on the Philippine island of Cebu, we needed an AirBnB rental close to Oslob and the ferry that would take me to Bohol.

You’re ready to get on AirBnB once you’ve narrowed down the field to a few suitable neighborhoods. Begin by inputting your travel dates (if you have them) and the number of guests who will accompany you (if any). Next, select the “home type” tab to specify whether you want the whole place, a private room, or a shared room.

Assuming you don’t have your dates set yet, you might be able to grab a sought-after rental (you know, the ones with infinity pools, rain showers, and on-property employees fanning you with enormous palm fronds. that last one might be a bit of a challenge, ha!).

If there’s a house on your Pinterest bucket list that you’ve been eyeing, being time-flexible could help you make it come true.

Pro tip: Airbnb also has a feature that allows you to save your favorite rentals (click the heart icon and create a list to save it to or make a new list). If your trip intentions and the availability of your desired rental coincide, this could save you time in the future!

2. Non-negotiable elements are filtered out.

You’ve done your homework and narrowed your choices to three excellent neighborhoods. The next step is to establish a spending plan. Use the “Filters” tab pricing slider if there is a specific amount you must keep within. When you set the price ceiling, you’ll only see rentals that fall inside that range. If you’re flexible, you can move the slider slightly above a preferred price point to see more possibilities.

Pro Tip: If hundreds of listings and the first dozen or so inexpensive possibilities don’t suit my requirements, I use the price slider to filter out the 5-10% cheapest rents. It hurts us to pass on some cheap alternatives, but the time saved me from reading too much feedback.

We enjoy selecting my non-negotiables using the “Filters” section. There are many options for the number of beds, bedrooms, and bathrooms, which are very useful for families. There is a “WiFi” option under “Amenities” for digital nomads / location independent / [insert whichever term symbolizes your device-dependence].

If the strength and speed of the wifi connection are crucial to you, send out a message to the host and inquire them about it.

If they appear doubtful, you might ask the host to test the connection and email you a screenshot of the results. 

We frequently filter for air conditioning/heating in addition to wifi, depending on the season and prediction. We are one of those “always cold” people who wear a sweater even when the temperature is in the top 60s.

Whether you’re traveling for a long time, check the washer/dryer options and then check the listing to see if detergent is included (if not, there are plenty of other great travel destinations!).

Similarly, if you plan on eating a lot, a dishwasher may be necessary (especially if you’re used to having one at home). Unfortunately, dishwashing soap is not always available, so check ahead or buy a small quantity nearby.

Choose the “Pets Allowed” tab if you’re vacationing with your pet. This allows you to travel with your pet, knowing that the rental will cheerfully accommodate everybody.

Providing a (refundable) deposit to the host may help alleviate their fears. If you’ve toured with your dog, you can also request “excellent doggie behavior” testimonials from previous guests, which you can then offer to new hosts!

You may keep scrolling the “Filters” tab after choosing your non-negotiables to make a neighborhood(s) selection, but I recommend using the map view alternatively.

Zooming in and out on the map will give you more location flexibility for postings that are technically outside of a targeted neighborhood but are close enough to be considered.

3. Gathering “proof” from photography

You should now have a well-matched list of suitable rentals to consider. Feel free to look through the photographs before reading the description if you choose the first option.

Great images can indicate a host is passionate about their business and what they do. Unfortunately, horrible photographs can have the opposite effect.

Read the description after you’ve had a quick look at the photographs. The full shebang! Include any additional house regulations, such as check-in and check-out timings.

Please return to the photographs and utilize them to back up the description. For example, if the description mentions a queen bed, look at the images to verify if the size appears to be accurate.

We consider it a red alert if there are no bathroom images. Use the oh-so-valuable “contact host” tab to send a message asking for pictures of x, y, and z when there aren’t any for whatever you need to view to make a booking decision.

4. Finding great AirBnB rental recommendations (and not so rave reviews)

Like finding the right location, this next step is critical when renting an Airbnb — reading the reviews! The greater the number, the better.

For statistical significance, we prefer a sample size of 30 or more. Reviewing the evaluations in this manner should give you an idea of what to anticipate.

If you have a lot of choices, seek properties that have received “rave” evaluations. Type when the reviewer can’t help but praise the property endlessly. You strike gold when you find a location with multiple of these.

But on the other hand, you should teach your eye to recognize evaluations in which the reviewer was disappointed with the rental. For example, was the reviewer able to bring up any issues with the host? Were they successfully resolved?

Situations can and will go wrong during one’s stay; how a great host responds to them is the mark of a great host.

Was it simple to contact the host? How long did it take to fix the problem? In the meantime, did the host endeavor to make the stay as enjoyable as possible?

Problem-solving abilities are more important to us than perfection. We feel better about hitting that “book” button after reading evaluations that show a host’s desire and ability to address problems!

5. Making Friends with Your Airbnb Host

If you haven’t done so, we strongly advise you to contact the host once you’ve narrowed down your list to 10 candidates.

It’s also crucial that your host responds quickly if anything goes wrong during your rental or if you have any inquiries. Again, you can get a preview of this by phoning them before you book.

Remember to ask any remaining questions now. You should save the top prospects into your “favorites” list when you start falling for the fantastic properties you’ve located. This will make it much easier to review your choices and compare them.

You’ve done an excellent job and have turned into an Airbnb booking machine! You have the option to book your ideal AirBnB apartment.

Kindly let us know if you tried any of these techniques and how they were. I’d be delighted to learn about your achievements!


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