Live to eat: amazing Michelin-starred restaurants around the world

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Every year, over 1,000 culinary experts from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants organization select the most outstanding culinary experiences from every continent around the globe. The entire dining experience is taken into account, including the location of the restaurant, the quality of service, variety of cuisines, and, of course: the number of Michelin stars.

According to top chefs and reviewers, restaurants awarded with three Michelin stars are considered to have “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.” So, if you’re ready to take an exciting gastronomic adventure, these are a few places that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings:

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Mirazur, France

This elegant French restaurant was voted as the World’s Best Restaurant and Europe’s Best Restaurant in 2019. Located in a picturesque town in the French Riviera, guests can take in the scenery of the nearby mountain range, the sea, and the bountiful gardens that surround the restaurant. The head chef, Mauro Colagreco, is proud of the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables he has to offer, as well as the healthy chickens and honeybees he cares for on-site.

As you entire the three-story restaurant, you can easily look into the pristine open kitchen and smell the delicious food being prepared inside. Then, a friendly server will guide you to your table and ask if you have any dietary restrictions or dislikes before bringing out the first courses. Unlike other restaurants, Mirazur doesn’t have a regular menu; instead, guests are asked to pay a certain amount for a predetermined number of courses, and then the chefs work their magic to deliver several unique dishes with some of the freshest ingredients you’ve ever tasted. For an additional fee, you can even get a wine pairing with each course!

The Test Kitchen, South Africa

This South African restaurant rightfully earned its title as the Best Restaurant in Africa in 2019. The Test Kitchen is known for its mouthwatering food combinations, delicious seafood, and playful dishes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Head chef Luke Dale-Roberts is committed to creativity, and every guest can expect to be surprised and delighted with each item served.

The contemporary menu features delicious options such as café au lait beef, clam and green tea pasta, plum-cured foie gras, pan-seared lamb tongue and scallops, and dishes with unique Eastern flavors and influences. The chefs expertly blend brightly-colored dishes with Asian-inspired rice, sushi, savory desserts, and much more. If you ever find yourself in Cape Town, this restaurant is a must!

Noma, Denmark

Noma was voted as the World’s Second Best Restaurant at the 2019 awards, and it has previously been ranked as the World’s Best Restaurant four additional times. This Scandinavian restaurant owes its success to the founder, Rene Redzepi, and his dedication to using ingredients primarily from the local region. Some of the most famous dishes created here have included dried moss, ants, and mold; but reviewers swear that everything is delicious!

As you walk up the charming garden path to reach the Nordic restaurant, you’ll be greeted by friendly waitstaff and guided to your seat. One guest recalls that they had what appeared to be a potted plant on their appetizer plate, and after expressing some confusion, the server hinted that they should look for a straw. The pot had been filled with a hearty soup and flavored by the plant’s herbs. From there, over 20 other courses were brought out over a three-hour-long period as the guests learned about Danish history, local agriculture, and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. If you want to experience a true Scandinavian adventure, Noma is the place for you!

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Central Restaurante, Peru

Rated as the Best Restaurant in South America in 2019, and featured on the hit Netflix series Chef’s Table, Central Restaurante is perfect for those who aren’t afraid of a lot of flavor. Central offers a few variations of a “tasting menu,” such as vegetarian or gluten-free versions, but then the guests have to trust the staff to bring them a selection of amazing dishes. Simply choose the number of courses you’d like to taste and allow the professional chefs to do the rest.

Peru is blessed with an incredibly biodiverse landscape, so the culinary experts here experiment with all kinds of unique flavors and textures. From river shrimp to piranha fish to coffee broth to quinoa, your taste buds will definitely be in for a surprise here! Just remember to save some room for the indulgent desserts offered here, too.

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