BNESIM has created revolutionary solutions for frequent travellers including international SIM cards, dual SIM phones, and customizable cell phone plans that include data. Their innovations and creative solutions haven’t gone unnoticed; BNESIM has been nominated as the World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider in the World Travel Awards 2018!

This nomination presents an exciting opportunity for the company. BNESIM is already considered to have “the world’s best international SIM card,” since their SIM card has coverage in 170 countries and offers multiple benefits and customizable options for travellers. BNESIM plan to continue improving their products while showing the world all the progress and products they’ve already accomplished.


BNESIM creates international SIM cards that allow travellers to forgo the expense of constantly switching SIM cards when they are travelling abroad. Frequent travellers used to have to resort to either buying a new SIM card, paying expensive roaming charges, or deciding to entirely rely on Wi-Fi connections to make calls. BNESIM has created a SIM card that has coverage in 170 countries, and also gives customers the option to fully customize their cell phone plans. Their SIM cards are also unique in the fact that they feature high-speed data anywhere in America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

BNESIM international SIM card benefits

Unlike most cell phone plans, BNESIM doesn’t have fees for long-distance calls or roaming charges. Calls are all charged one flat rate for each minute, no matter where you are in the world. Cell phones can also be customized to have more than one phone number; this is ideal for a travelling business professional. Instead of juggling different phones and SIM cards, BNESIM has created a sleek, easy solution for communicating across the globe.

Along with the SIM card, there’s also an app that allows customers to track their data usage, and buy extra international data and minutes if needed. The app also features a way for travellers to add a local number from any country they visit on to their phone.

BNESIM offers other perks for its customers besides saving money on international phone coverage. One major benefit is that BNESIM customers using the international SIM card can call each other for free without deducting any minutes from their plans. Also, any unused minutes and data that may be left over never expire! Money saved from the international SIM card could instead go towards your next vacation overseas.

Mobile World Conference 2018

Over 2,300 companies came together for this conference in Barcelona to showcase their latest phones, SIM cards, tablets, and other merchandise. The Mobile World Conference is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and it features vendors, speakers, device manufacturers, and mobile operators from all over the globe. Over the course of four days, over 107,000 attendees came to explore the exhibits and to learn about the latest innovations from keynote speakers including Ajit Pai, Jeff Zucker, and Jeremy Fox.

BNESIM participated in this conference to advertise their world’s greatest international SIM card and was thrilled to be among other innovators and possible collaborators. The CEO of BNESIM, Luca Mettai, commented that the Mobile World Conference, “was a huge platform for all the technology partners, and we had good opportunity to collaborate with current and prospective clients and partners.”

Oukitel Smartphone

Travellers and businessmen alike have opted to have “dual SIM phones,” which can function with two SIM cards. Travellers may have SIM cards designated for two different countries, or an entrepreneur might have a second phone number for their business calls. A dual SIM phone is one solution for avoiding international fees or paying for a separate phone line; however, BNESIM created an easier, cheaper solution the Oukitel smartphone.

The Oukitel K100000 Pro is the ideal smartphone for travel. When purchased, it comes equipped with BNESIM’s international SIM card and a free international roaming number for no extra charge. This smartphone’s battery capacity is the largest in the world, as its battery life can last up to 15 days of regular use. Due to its long battery life, the phone features a “reverse charger” that can power up any of your other devices while you’re on the go.

World Travel Award information

BNESIM has created multiple solutions to communication issues travellers face, and their products and services are unmatched. They created the international SIM card with the largest area of global coverage with highly customizable cell phone plans. BNESIM eliminated the need for travellers to buy extra SIM cards or dual SIM phones with their Oukitel smartphone. Their phone’s battery life exceeds that of most cell phones on the market today!

Although BNESIM is a strong contender for achieving a World Travel Award, they can’t do it alone. Voting for the World’s Leading Travel Communication Provider begins on September 10 and closes October 24.

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