BNESIM nominated in the World Travel Tech Awards 2021

BNESIM, the global telecommunications company, has been nominated in the prestigious World Travel Tech Awards for the fourth consecutive year. BNESIM has been nominated as the World’s Best Travel Communications Provider for their revolutionary phone, data, and smart working solutions for frequent travelers and professionals.

The World Travel Awards have awarded BNESIM as the World’s Leading Travel Communications provider in 2019 and 2020.

With over 120 Terabytes consumed by their customers in 200+ countries every month, BNESIM is the app that keeps travelers, business people, remote workers, and devices connected. BNESIM is known as “the world’s best international SIM card” and the most affordable one-stop communications solution.


A marketplace offering the widest choice of data plans from multiple operators to always get the best tariffs and coverage. Unlimited eSIM profiles available on the same device for limitless connectivity.


With BNESIM, travelers can activate multiple SIM cards on the same BNESIM account in a few minutes directly from the app. They can travel the world with a unique flat mobile data tariff and take advantage of unlimited global data plans in Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Middle East. BNESIM offers over 160,000 data plans for global, regional, and national use without roaming charges.

BNESIM is known as the communications innovator for a reason: the BNESIM app automatically detects any change of country, showing the best data offers available. Moreover, they have introduced the smart top-up and the emergency top-up never to leave their customers without credit.


BNESIM’s call rates are pay-per-minute, and the customers pay according to the Zone they’re calling, regardless of where they are in the world, without roaming charges. By activating the Smart CLI, the calls will be made using a phone number belonging to the customer’s country. Moreover, the calls and SMS between BNESIM users are free.


With BNESIM, travelers can activate multiple landlines, mobile, and toll-free numbers from 100+ countries, all together on the same BNESIM account, in seconds. The incoming calls can be terminated on the BNESIM app, a desktop phone, the voicemail, forwarded to other phone numbers, or even to a conference room.


BNESIM allows connecting multiple IoT devices with their Internet Of Things SIM card. Customers can activate it, renew its data plan, block it, check the data sessions, the connection status, and the localization of the SIM. They can also activate the data pool to select the GB needed every month and share the credit among all the SIM cards. When the traffic grows, They can increase the GB of the plan in one click.


Wit BNE Room, customers can plan a meeting, pick a fancy URL, invite guests, synchronize with their calendar. They can access their room from the app, a browser – even from mobile – or a call, even without the app. They can add users by calling their phone numbers directly from the room. They can share their screen, edit documents together, and stream their events live on YouTube.


BNESIM’s customers can connect their SIP/desktop phone, receive their calls on multiple mobile devices without a PBX, make their calls from any of the phone numbers they have. Advanced voice mail, advanced call reports, worldwide toll-free and mobile numbers, call blocking and barring. Welcome to BNE Pro.


All the Pro features plus static and AI IVR, voice and data pool, expanded national coverage, dashboard, virtual PBX, virtual numbers, company phone extensions, fixed and mobile phone convergence, app integration, management API.

When it comes to global communications solutions, BNESIM is unmatched. The company’s dedicated customer base raves about the quality of service and products. That’s why the World Travel Tech Awards has awarded BNESIM as the World’s Best Travel Communications Provider in 2019 and 2020 and nominated it in the World Travel Tech Awards 2021.

BNESIM cannot win this award without their dedicated customers. Voting for the World’s Best Travel Communications Provider closes on October 25. To vote, people should visit the World Travel Tech Awards website. Then, voters will have to select BNESIM, register or log in if they already have an account, and confirm their email address to submit the vote.

About the World Travel Awards:

The World Travel Awards supports, promotes, and develops the global travel and tourism industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspires its practitioners to raise the standards of their product and service offerings continually.

Each year, the WTA runs and governs a vast country, Regional, and world awards program. The awards are developed to recognize the industry’s most vital sectors and products. The World awards are the top tier of the WTA program. Nominees have a proven pedigree of being the world’s best. You can learn more about the WTA at

This year, the World Travel Awards has created a sister event – the World Travel Tech Awards – and nominated BNESIM as the “World’s Best Travel Communications Provider” for the fourth consecutive year.


Started in 2017, BNESIM has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable telecommunications companies. Thousands of happy customers use BNESIM’s services daily while traveling or to work smarter from virtually anywhere. BNESIM is committed to high-quality and responsive service to give customers the best experience. You can learn more about BNESIM at


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