Exploring Amsterdam on Two Wheels: A Bike Tour

Exploring Amsterdam on two wheels is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the city’s charm and culture. Here’s a bike-friendly route through Amsterdam, along with some bike rental options:

Renting a Bike:

  • MacBike: One of the most popular bike rental companies in Amsterdam with multiple locations.
  • Rent a Bike Amsterdam: Offers a variety of bikes, including city bikes, electric bikes, and tandem bikes.
  • Amsterdam Bike Rent: Provides well-maintained bikes with options for guided bike tours as well.

Bike Route:

  • Start your journey at Dam Square, a bustling center and an excellent starting point for exploration.
  • Cycle through the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood, known for its narrow streets, cozy cafes, and art galleries.
  • Head towards the Museumplein area, where you can visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, or the Stedelijk Museum.
  • Ride through Vondelpark, one of Amsterdam’s most famous parks, and take a leisurely break to enjoy the greenery.
  • Explore the charming streets of the Canal Belt, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and take in the unique architecture and scenic views.
  • Make your way to the NDSM Wharf, a cultural hotspot with vibrant street art, creative spaces, and trendy cafes along the waterfront.
  • Finally, cycle back to Dam Square, or choose to end your tour at one of the city’s many cozy cafes or local eateries.


Remember to follow the local cycling rules, use designated bike lanes, and be mindful of pedestrians and other cyclists. Also, ensure your bike is securely locked when you make stops along the way to prevent theft. Enjoy your bike tour through the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

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