Vacations can do wonders for your mental state, but they might not always benefit your physical health. Travel enthusiasts understandably want to enjoy themselves on their trip, so that might mean indulging in desserts, having an extra drink, or savoring a variety of rich cuisines. Although there’s nothing wrong with splurging once in a while, making consistently unhealthy choices throughout your vacation can add up.

If you want to stay on track with your fitness or weight loss goals, it’s still possible to have an incredible vacation without depriving yourself of delicious foods or relaxing activities. You can make sure that your jeans will still fit after your next trip by sticking to these guidelines:

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Let go of the “All or Nothing” mentality

Many people on diets tend to hold themselves to strict rules about what they can and cannot eat, but this often leads to increased cravings and feelings of guilt if they “break” the diet. On the other hand, vacationers may decide to put their diets on hold, choosing instead to indulge in whatever they’d like while they’re away from home and swear that they’ll get back on track once they’re back home. However, both of these extremes are ultimately unhealthy in the long run.

While you’re on your vacation, you should certainly give yourself permission to try new foods and savor sweet treats, but do so in moderation. For instance, you could split high-calorie dishes with a friend while continuing to eat healthier meals for the majority of the day. You’ll feel much better than if you were to overindulge or completely restrict yourself.

Limit your alcohol intake

Lounging on the beach for hours on end with a cocktail in hand can feel like heaven, but those sugary alcoholic drinks can add a ton of excess calories to your otherwise healthy diet plan. For example, one Long Island Iced Tea can have over 450 calories! If you’re prone to having a few extra drinks while traveling abroad, try choosing low-calorie alternatives over the more popular mixed drinks.

Have an accountability partner

Trying to stick to a goal can be much more difficult when you’re going at it alone. If you don’t let anyone else know about your health goals, you might also be more likely to skimp on your workouts or diet plans while traveling abroad. It can be incredibly beneficial to find a trusted friend or loved one to hold you accountable for your goals, or better yet, join you on your journey towards better health! Then, whenever you feel like cheating on your meal plan or giving up on your diet altogether, you can find encouragement and support from your accountability partner.

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Find fun ways to be active

Nobody wants to spend their lovely summer vacation inside on a treadmill. You went on the trip to enjoy yourself, explore, and have fun, so don’t force yourself to stick to your typical workout routine. Go on a brisk walk around the local city or town. Find a guided walking tour to get some fresh air while learning about the history of the location. If you’re near the beach, go on a swim or sign yourself up for surfing lessons.

No matter where you travel, there are plenty of ways to be active without setting foot into your hotel gym. Challenge yourself to try something out of your comfort zone instead to build new muscles and increase your confidence.

Try using a diet or fitness app

For extra motivation and accountability, using a simple calorie counter or fitness-tracking app can make a world of difference. There are a variety of diet apps that you can choose from based on your individual needs, whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, or just create healthier habits. According to reviews from both Android and iPhone users, these are the most popular health-related apps of 2019:

MyFitnessPal. This free app includes a database with millions of foods, making it easy for you to track calories and other nutrients. There is also a supportive community for added advice and insights. (Android, iPhone)

Lose It! Create a profile, enter your weight loss goals, and this app will calculate a daily calorie budget based on your needs. To stay on track, you can easily track your foods, exercise, weight, and macronutrients all on this one free app. (Android, iPhone)

Noom. Noom uses a customized approach to learn about your individual approach to diet and exercise, and then it helps you begin making healthy changes in your life. This free app tracks your weight, nutrients, exercise, and even your blood sugar! (Android, iPhone)

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