Before you leave to visit your family for the holidays or take that winter vacation you have been planning all year, you need to make sure that you have packed everything you need to have a great time. For a lot of families, this can be easier said than done. Roughly 49% of vacationers say that packing is one of the most stressful parts of taking a vacation. Additionally, many people procrastinate packing until the last minute, increasing the likelihood of them leaving essential items behind.

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If you have a vacation coming up this holiday season, the best thing you can do to prepare is to pack early and make a list of what you need to bring in order to enjoy your trip. 65% of travelers say that packing early would minimize their stress. Keeping a list will help guarantee that you won’t find yourself missing an important item when you arrive at your destination.

While we can’t help you avoid procrastination, we can make sure that you have a list of everything you need for a winter vacation. If you want to make sure you have your bases covered, here are some crucial items you want to make sure you pack:

Weather-Appropriate clothing

When you are packing for a winter vacation, make sure to keep your destination in mind. Even if you are someplace that is still warm, you might end up traveling to someplace with freezing weather and snowy conditions. If you are heading to a colder destination this winter, here are some clothing items you should be sure to put in your suitcase:

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International data SIM card

Thermal layers

The secret to looking good and staying warm on vacation is thermal underwear. Wear those comfortable jeans without being miserable in the cold when you put on a layer of thermal underwear. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside in cold weather, put on a thermal shirt and pants to trap in heat and keep you warm.


Even if it is too warm for you to wear a coat on the flight or the car ride to your vacation destination, you want to make sure you pack a thick winter jacket. Nothing will be more miserable than needing to wait outdoors without a coat to protect you from the elements. Make sure that the coat you pack is good for layering so that you can wear thick sweaters and thermal layers underneath.

Snow boots

Heading somewhere with snow? A nice pair of waterproof snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry. Snow boots are comfortable and travel-friendly, and they are the perfect shoes to pack for a winter vacation. Combined with a pair of warm socks, these snow boots will keep your feet safe from the cold.


Though they might be small in size, there are many winter accessories that will play a big role in keeping you warm this holiday season. Here are three accessories that you do not want to leave off your packing list:

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International data SIM card


While on vacation, you will need to protect your fingers from frostbite. Bring a pair of gloves that are easy to put on and take off. You might consider purchasing a pair of gloves with touchscreen capabilities so that you can keep your fingers warm while you use your phone outside. Whichever type of gloves you choose to bring, make sure they are weatherproof and light.


Prevent yourself from getting sick and having frozen ears by wearing a thick winter hat. Make sure you bring a hat that completely covers your ears and at least part of your neck. Your hat is one of the most important accessories you can bring on a winter vacation.


Cold weather can cause your skin to dry out, leading to chapped lips and irritated skin. Bring moisturizer and lip balm to keep your skin from drying out and cracking when you are exposed to cold weather conditions.


Polarized sunglasses are an item you will not want to travel without. Light reflecting from the snow can be blinding, and long exposure to this sunlight can cause serious eye problems. If you are going to spend time outside snowboarding, skiing, or participating in other outdoor winter activities, protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses.

Cell phone accessories

While most people remember to bring their cellphones when they go on vacation, sometimes they forget to bring the tools they need to make sure that their cellphones are able to work. Here are a few important items that you want to bring when you pack for vacation:

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International data SIM card

Cell phone charger

The last thing you want to leave behind when you go on a vacation is your phone charger. When you are on vacation, you are going to need to stay in touch with your friends and family, and you do not want to shell out extra cash for a new charger or miss calls because your phone has died during your travels. Almost 25% of travelers say that they are most likely to forget to pack a phone charger when they pack for vacation. Make sure you are not one of these travelers by adding phone charger to your list of essentials.

Universal adapter

If you are traveling to another country, you are going to need to make a couple additions to your list. Your cell phone charger might not be able to plug into the outlets in other countries, so you will want to bring a three-in-one universal adapter so that you can plug in your phone and other electronics no matter where you are visiting. This adapter can fit into differently shaped outlets, and will make sure that you can keep your phone charged and ready for use over vacation.

International data SIM card

In addition to a universal adapter, if you are traveling abroad for your winter vacation, you are going to need an international data SIM card. An international data SIM card is the best way to make sure you are able to make and receive calls when you are in a different country.

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