If your job requires you to travel often, or if your business has remote employees and clients, you know how frustrating and expensive it can be to communicate internationally. Business owners often have to limit their international minutes, travel with two different phones for personal numbers and work contacts, pay costly roaming fees, and yet they might still experience unreliable service. In the modern workplace, where global communication is necessary, how can businesses afford to have unlimited worldwide reach?

BNESIM saw the needs of business owners everywhere and came up with a solution to end communication frustrations with BNESIM Enterprise. This cloud-based enterprise phone system provides the best coverage and reliability around the world, so experiencing dropped calls will be a thing of the past. Hundreds of business owners have saved up to 95% on their phone bills when they switched, and international communication is easier than ever with the following features of BNESIM Enterprise:

International data SIM cards

BNESIM is well-known for being one of the world’s leading travel communications providers due to their international data SIM cards. These cards allow users to call, text, and surf the internet when traveling abroad while avoiding expensive roaming charges from their mobile providers. When businesses choose BNESIM Enterprise for the communications service, an international SIM card is included in the plan, so you and your travelling employees could experience benefits including:

international SIM card

Multiple international lines.

Most people like to keep their personal life and work separate, so it isn’t uncommon for workers to travel carrying two or more phones. BNESIM SIM cards let people travel lighter by making it easy to add multiple lines on just one phone. You can create as many lines as you need and choose numbers from 40 different countries!

Free calls and texts.

Business owners that choose to sign up the whole office with BNESIM Enterprise are investing in the best possible decision for their company’s success because every BNESIM user can call and text each other for free – even internationally! Imagine what your company could accomplish if you and your employees could communicate with each other anywhere in the world without ever worrying about dropped calls, expensive fees, or roaming charges ever again.

Customizable plans.

Whether your business trips last a few days or a few months, you can fully customize your SIM card plan to your exact preferences at an affordable rate. All you need to do is estimate how much international data and how many minutes you will require for your overseas stay, and then choose from several of BNESIM SIM cards to find the perfect one for your trip. And even if you don’t end up using all the credits on your SIM card on one trip, BNESIM credits never expire so you can simply save them for your next excursion.

Virtual phone numbers

The international data SIM card will allow you to have multiple lines on your phone, but with BNESIM Enterprise, you can create virtual phone numbers for your business as well. Companies can have virtual phone numbers from multiple different countries around the world in order to expand their business, gain new clients, and make it easy for customers to get in touch with the right employees if needed.

Using virtual numbers is an easy way to boost your business and communicate globally since clients and potential customers alike are more likely to answer a call from a local number instead of a toll-free number. You and your employees can call, text, or video chat with people worldwide in total confidence due to call encryption offered by BNESIM Enterprise, which ensures that all your information is kept secure and private. Instead of relying on an expensive landline phone system for your business, simply create virtual numbers for your business with BNESIM. It involves no hardware, no expensive set-up fees, and no hidden charges like traditional phone companies often have.

international SIM card

Affordable options

It can be hard to cut down on business expenses, but so many business owners overlook the costs of their communications and how much they’re limiting themselves with their current business phone systems. Instead of encouraging the expansion of their business, they have to limit the amount of time they spend connecting with other professionals around the world because they’re concerned about cost.

Other phone companies have expensive fees to get started, have complex hardware, and are often inflexible with the amount of lines your company can have. With BNESIM Enterprise, you can set up your cloud-based phone system right away without any hardware or start-up fees. It’s a fully scalable solution so you can add numbers, hire employees, and take full charge of your company. If you want to save up to 95% on your business phone system and receive better service, unlimited freedom, and more modern communication options for your company, feel free to sign up for a free trial of BNESIM Enterprise today!