The Top 10 Destinations for First-Time International Travelers

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You’ve always wished for “someday,” and now it’s arrived. Have a spin with your passport and proudly display it on board your first foreign flight. Obviously, getaways should be relaxing, but deciding where to go may be difficult. Do the locals speak English? How are we going to get around? Is it hazardous? What is the currency exchange rate? How long is the trip? Hey, you, unwind! We’ve produced a list of cities that are both beautiful and practical for first time international travelers. From Asia to Europe, these are our top ten cities, ranked from challenging to beautiful.


Indeed, a bottle of wine in Barcelona might cost as little as $3, but that isn’t the only thing this city has! Barcelona combines old and new in a balanced way for fist time travelers. After exploring ancient neighborhoods embellished with Gothic architecture, experience the magnificence of Antoni Gaudi’s modern creations, such as the breathtaking Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. When exploring makes you starving, treat yourself to paella, tapas, and sangria for a typical (and wonderful) meal.

Thanks to its stunning architecture, delectable cuisine, fascinating museums, and unusual boutiques, this picturesque city is a tourist favorite. Barcelona is well aware of its beauty and has made itself one of the most tourist-friendly towns on the planet. Not only will you hear English spoken in Barcelona, but you will also hear practically every other language spoken there. Barcelona should be at the top of your list because of its good accessibility, vibrant retail districts, trendy hotels, and dazzling blue beaches.


Well, London would appear to be the obvious pick. It’s fair to say that people speak English, and you won’t experience much cultural shock. You will, nevertheless, feel as if you are in another nation! London is well-known, gorgeous, and packed with things to do and see. The Tube, Uber, and traditional black cabs make getting around the city simple, and King’s Cross station also has a direct shuttle train to Heathrow Airport! When it comes to trains, you may board one in King’s Cross and be in Paris or Edinburgh in hours!

Apart from the architectural beauty of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Tower Bridge, London is brimming with culture and personality. Try fish and chips in an English pub, go to a record store in Camden Town, or have afternoon tea with your pinky up. London serves as the international gateway for many Americans. London has become the favorite city of many Americans. It’s time to head to London!


We’re trying to persuade you that a medieval Italian city is easy for first time travelers. Firenze is a favorite destination for American college students living overseas, and with excellent purpose! To begin with, most people in Florence communicate enough English to get by. To put it another way, if someone in Florence does not speak English, the person next to them most likely does.

Furthermore, the city is compact and easy to navigate. Use the beautiful Duomo’s red roof as your guiding north star and your phone’s mobile map software as an alternative. You won’t be complaining about navigating public transportation because the city is very walkable. However, Florence features a contemporary train station in the city center if you’re feeling brave. Do you want to go to Rome or Milan? The ticket machines are easy to use, and the trains are generally hygienic, secure, and on time. Florence strikes an excellent combination of homey modernity and time-traveling antique appeal. Want to learn about Italian culture, see great art pieces, and eat way too much pasta? Florence is eagerly anticipating your arrival.

Cape Town

Although South Africa may appear to be a different universe, Cape Town is a thriving corner of futuristic paradise where grandeur meets ecology. What makes it a simple first-time visit? Most people in Cape Town speak English, Uber is commonly accessible, and the currency rate is excellent. Although some of Cape Town’s suburbs are still underprivileged, the city itself has high-end markets, stunning beaches, famous restaurants, and hip coffee shops with surfer vibes. Consider this: if the vibes of contemporary Africa and Australia had a child, the child would be named Cape Town.

The beauty of Cape Town lies in its environmental and cultural variety. African penguins, baboons, great white sharks, and other animals can be found just minutes from the city center. After a few hours of hiking northeast, you’ll be in safari territory! Beautiful coastline views and spectacular mountain walks abound in Cape Town. Cape Town is the place where true African culture meets metropolitan sophistication.


Edinburgh is one of those fairytale places that will take your breath away. This tiny city is ideal for a first-time visitor, with colorful storefronts, cobblestone streets, and stunning architecture. Edinburgh is a portrait corner of pub culture and rich history, only a 7-hour trip from the northeast US.

Just much everyone speaks English if you can get beyond a Scottish accent and note that “wee” implies “small.” Edinburgh is tiny enough to stroll from end to end, but if your feet are exhausted, there’s Uber or a central tram that runs through the city. Scotland is regarded as one of the safest places in the world, and Edinburgh’s Waverley train station provides an easy connection to London, Glasgow, or the countryside. You may choose between chain restaurants, fashionable boutiques, local taverns, and tiny wool shops because the city is divided into “Old Town” and “New Town.” The mix of old and new will make you feel as if you’re on the set of a Harry Potter movie.


Almost everyone dreams of seeing Paris. This upscale city is the epicenter of western culture, with world-renowned food, spectacular architecture, major art museums, attractive cafe culture, and a trendy character. Many Parisians do not speak English because they are diverse and multicultural. Although some people do, it’s good to learn a few sentences first. Keep in mind that a few hours of practice will pay off in the form of a great visit.

Paris will never disappoint you with its endless retail and restaurant options. The vast metro system in the city is clean, efficient, and simple to use. Additionally, when it comes to mobility, Uber is always an alternative. There are numerous diverse neighborhoods in Paris, each of which is lovely and intriguing in its own right. To see them all, you’ll need convenient transportation.


Ireland is secure, gorgeous, and English-speaking, but most importantly, it is welcoming. The phrase “Irish hospitality” is accurate, and the picturesque city of Dublin will greet you with arms wide open. Whether staying downtown Dublin or visiting a B&B in the countryside, the Irish are always prepared to assist. The Emerald Isle is simple to traverse after you’ve become used to driving on the left side of the road.

Dublin is the ideal combination of ancient beauty and vibrant pub culture. Take a stroll down Grafton Street and pick up some mementos before retiring to a warm tavern. “Cheers” with a couple of pints of Guinness while tapping your foot to live folk music on the fiddle. Visit architectural marvels such as Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral before visiting Trinity College Library to get your Irish literature fix.


Sydney is excellent for first time travelers if you can survive a long flight and some extra fees. It’s no surprise that Australia’s cuisine and entertainment are pricey, but one thing is certain: its splendor is priceless. Hang out at the beautiful harbor and peek out at the hilly terrain surrounding you to feel like a local. Enjoy the day at Bondi Beach, soaking up the atmosphere at a coffee shop and taking a zillion pictures in front of the renowned Sydney Opera House.

Embracing nature is a fantastic way to save money in Australia! Visit museums or day trips from Sydney to beautiful national parks or surrounding cities if you’re feeling energetic. Another fantastic first-time vacation destination is Melbourne, Sydney’s artsy younger sister city.


Copenhagen, oh, Copenhagen. Culinary creativity, beautiful canals, and stylish marketplaces abound in this land. Apart from its charming historic core and idyllic Nyhavn port, Copenhagen has something special: practically everyone speaks English well. People cycle, take a boat, utilize public transportation, or walk to get around the city because there is no “one way.” You will never enquire, “How are we going to get there? Rather, you’ll enquire, “What time are we leaving?!

Denmark is also famed for its “hygge,” which means “coziness” in English. Once you arrive in Copenhagen, you’ll sense the city’s welcoming “hygge”!


Bangkok? Are you insane? Listen to us! You are correct that Bangkok is a busy city where many individuals do not speak English. Like the rest of Thailand, Bangkok has adapted well to the inflow of western tourists. This translates to more English-friendly signage and menus, a plethora of English-speaking tours, opulent hotels, and modern businesses carrying certain western goods. Is there a bonus? The rate of exchange. A dollar for authentic pad thai? Please, yes. It is very good destination for fist time travelers.

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