When you’re aboard a long flight or have some time to kill in between activities during your travels, you might not have internet access for your favorite go-to apps. Luckily, there are hundreds of offline apps to choose from. Whether you’re looking for strategic games or mindless fun, there’s bound to be an app you’ll enjoy. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some highly rated offline apps available for both Android and iOS devices:

Infinity Loop

This free app is described as a “simple, relaxing, endless game” in which the player has one goal: connect all the corners and lines together to create one cohesive shape. Multiple users have reported that it’s great for stress relief, and that it’s a fun puzzle game without being frustrating or boring. With an infinite number of levels, this app is the perfect choice for long trips.


You begin this game with just a few hydrogen atoms in your “little universe,” and your goal is to combine the same atoms together to create new elements. For example, combining two hydrogen atoms with a “+” atom will create a single helium atom. Your goal is to obtain atoms such as gold, silver, or other valuable elements as you combine various atoms together. However, if your universe becomes too overcrowded, the game ends and you’ll have to start over from scratch. Simple and highly addictive, this app can make the time fly by!

Crossy Road

If you’ve ever played the classic game of “Frogger,” you’ll instantly understand the objective of this game. Your goal is to move your character across a busy street while hopping over obstacles and avoiding traffic. Although it might not be a completely original concept, the retro-inspired graphics, multitude of characters, and unique levels of this app come together to create an incredibly fun game. If you’re still not convinced, this app has been downloaded by over 200 million people around the globe!

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This app has two different modes to choose from, but both will keep you entertained for hours on end! In “creative mode,” you can feel free to explore the world and build amazing structures with unlimited resources. “Survival mode” provides more of a challenge where you’ll need to build a safe home for yourself, craft weapons, and scavenge for food while avoiding various dangers. This world-building game gives each player the freedom to choose how they want to experience it and allows endless creativity, so it’s suitable for virtually anybody.

Brain It On!

This app can entertain and challenge anyone looking for a more intellectually challenging puzzle game. At first glance, the objective of the game seems simple; draw shapes to solve the various physics problems. However, if any part of your drawing “structure” defies any law of physics, your structure will collapse and you’ll have to begin again. This app can provide a challenging, unique type of challenge you won’t find in any other type of game.

Plague Inc.

Unlike most other games, you won’t be playing the hero character in this app. Instead, you get to play as a deadly pathogen; your goal is to infect and kill as many people as possible. As scientists race to develop treatments for the disease you’re spreading around the world, you have to figure out how to adapt and avoid being contained. With stunning graphics, realistic details, and praise from millions of users, you’re sure to love playing this one-of-a-kind game. As a spokesperson from IGN stated, “Killing billions has never been so fun.”

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Word Connect

If you enjoy word finds or games like Words With Friends, this app might become your new favorite game! The game begins by presenting you with various letters and you need to connect letters in different ways to try to form as many words as possible. The first levels may seem like a breeze, but this game can challenge even the most adept spellers and vocabularians!


This puzzle game is easy to learn and understand, but it’s surprisingly difficult to solve. Players simply slide numbered tiles into each other to combine them and eventually reach the number 2048. It may be easy to get to 184, 256, or even 1024, but achieving a 2048 tile will likely take you multiple tries. Even if you do reach 2048, the game still continues and you can try going for a 4096 tile next! Whether you approach this app with a strategy or just your best guesses, it will always provide a fun challenge.


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