BNESIM nominated for the World Travel Awards 2019

world travel awards

Virtual SIM card company, BNESIM, has been nominated for the prestigious World Travel Awards for the second year in a row. BNESIM has been nominated as the World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider, for their revolutionary phone and data solutions for frequent travellers.

BNESIM is known as “the world’s best international SIM Card,” because their unique SIM cards allow travellers to forgo the expense of switching SIM cards while travelling abroad. Previously, travellers were required to purchase new SIM cards, pay expensive roaming charges, or rely on Wi-Fi to reach friends and family. With BNESIM, customers have coverage in 170 countries, so they can roam with ease.

BNESIM allows customers to create fully customized cell phone plans. Instead of facing fees for long-distance calls, customers are charged a flat rate for each minute, regardless of where they are in the world. BNESIM features high-speed data anywhere in America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

These phones plans are great for the avid tourist; however, it is also a practical option for business travellers. BNESIM cell phones plans can also be customized to have more than one phone number. Instead of juggling multiple phones and SIM cards to differentiate between work and family, business customers can connect with everyone through one phone. 

BNESIM’s top priority is transparency. BNESIM has created an app that allows customers to track their data usage and buy extra minutes if needed. Any unused minutes and data that may be left over will never expire. Furthermore, BNESIM customers using the international SIM card can call each other for free without deducting any minutes from their plan. 

When it comes to international communication solutions, BNESIM is unmatched. The company’s dedicated customer base raves about the quality service and products. By utilizing the latest SIM technology, BNESIM allows customers to travel with just one cell phone in their pocket. BNESIM’s cell phone plans cover the largest area of global coverage. This allows them to create highly customizable cell phone plans. That’s why the World Travel Awards has nominated BNESIM as the World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider.

BNESIM cannot win this award without their dedicated customers. Voting for the World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider closes on October 24. To vote, people should visit the World Travel Awards website. Then, voters will have to register for an account and confirm their email address in order to submit the vote.

Travel Industry voters may apply to upgrade their account to “industry” status by providing their company details. Travel Industry votes count as 2 votes. Votes cast by non-industry voters will count as one vote.


The World Travel Awards supports, promotes and develops the global travel and tourism industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspires its practitioners to continually raise the standards of their product and service offerings.

Each year, the WTA runs and governs a comprehensive programme of Country, Regional, and World awards. The awards are developed to recognize the industry’s most vital sectors and products. The World awards are the top tier of the WTA program. Nominees have a proven pedigree of being the world’s best. You can learn more about the WTA at


Started in 2017, BNESIM has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable virtual SIM card companies. The BNESIM app allows customers to talk, text, and share their lives with friends and family across the globe. Thousands of happy customers use the app daily while travelling or to talk with international loved ones. BNESIM also offers a customized cell phone service for Avid travellers. BNESIM is committed to high quality, responsive service to give customers the best experience. You can learn more about BNESIM at


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