Working from home seems like an appealing proposition to most people. They often think about the obvious perks, like being able to determine their own schedule, getting to spend more time with family, and not having to sit in traffic during their daily commute. However, those of us who have the opportunity to work from home know that it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

The stress of the workplace is harder to leave behind when you live and do business in the same environment. Work can start to eat into your personal life and distract you from your loved ones or, on the flip side, factors in your personal life may begin to impact your work performance. In any case, keeping business and personal matters separate is an essential skill that all telecommuters and entrepreneurs need to practice.

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Create a designated workspace

It can sound nice to lounge on the couch while working, but you’ll find it much harder to mentally disconnect from work at the end of the day if you do so. Having a designated office space will make it easier for you to get into the right mindset for working while making it easier to “go home” after your workday comes to an end.

Even if you don’t have an extra room to dedicate to a home office, you can still transform a small area of your house into a designated workspace; you’ll just have to get a little creative! For instance, keeping your desk and supplies on a large area rug in the corner of your living room or bedroom can signify an office threshold of sorts. If you have an empty closet, you can place your desk inside and simply pull up a chair when it’s time to work. Once you realize you don’t need an entire room for an office, you’ll start to find several potential workspaces!

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Stick to a daily routine

Working from home gives you the freedom to work when you want and take breaks whenever you choose, but sticking to a consistent schedule whenever possible will help you stay productive and focused in the long run. Keep the following tips in mind to create the best work routine based on your personal habits and needs:

  • Wake up at the same time every day. Everyone wants to sleep in occasionally or spend the day relaxing in bed: especially people who just began working from home. Getting yourself out of bed at the same time each morning is the first step in developing a comfortable daily schedule.
  • Get ready for work each morning. It can be really helpful to prepare for your workday as if you were actually going into a shared workplace. Staying in your pajamas all day can make it feel like you’re not really at work, so get dressed, take a shower, and do your usual morning routine to put you in the right state of mind for working at home.
  • Have designated business hours. Without a predictable work schedule, the lines between your business and personal life can get increasingly blurry. You might find yourself spending your time inconsistently on business-related tasks, working 2 hours one day and 11 hours the next. Setting time aside each day for work lets you separate your business and personal life with ease.
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Set clear boundaries

Your loved ones may have misconceptions about what your work entails or they might assume you’re not truly working throughout your day. You might feel pressured to complete chores around the house during your work day, or maybe you need to take care of young children as you’re working. In order to keep your loved ones from infringing on your workspace and to show them that you mean business when you say you’re working, setting boundaries is a must.

Have a discussion with the other people in your home to lay down your expectations of them when it comes to respecting your time and your workplace. For instance, putting on headphones or closing the door to your office space can be a signal that you’re “at work” and shouldn’t be disturbed. You should also make it clear that just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you should be responsible for the lion’s share of household chores!

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Don’t use your personal number for business tasks

If you use your personal cell phone number for work-related tasks, it will be nearly impossible to keep the two parts of your life separate. Modern telecommuters and entrepreneurs need to have a different phone number for their business in order to connect with clients and speak with coworkers or potential employees. Instead of relying on a traditional landline connection or paying for another cell phone, consider using a cloud-based phone system such as BNESIM Enterprise.

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