BNESIM Expands Offerings with Affordable Mini Global eSIM Plan

Hong Kong, August 29th, 2023 – BNESIM, the vanguard of innovation in telecommunications, is thrilled to announce a significant addition to its suite of eSIM offerings. Introducing the Mini Global eSIM Plan, a testament to BNESIM’s commitment to broadening accessibility to seamless global connectivity.

This new plan allows individuals to stay connected across a substantial part of the world, all at an affordable price point.

Global eSIM – Redefining International Communication

BNESIM’s flagship offering, the Global eSIM Plan, sets an industry benchmark by spanning an impressive 102 countries. With a generous 10GB of monthly data and a competitive monthly rate of only 76.57 Euros, users are empowered to work, explore, and stay connected on a global scale.

Mini Global – Expanding Horizons, Embracing Affordability

With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, BNESIM introduces the Mini Global eSIM Plan. Covering 56 countries, this plan bridges the gap between expansive connectivity and affordability, making it accessible to a wider audience. Priced at just 32.87 Euros per month, subscribers can enjoy 10GB of monthly data, ensuring they can share experiences, stay informed, and remain connected, irrespective of borders.

Connecting Journeys, Bridging Worlds

BNESIM’s dedication to modern connectivity needs is evident in its innovative eSIM technology. The launch of the Mini Global eSIM Plan further demonstrates the company’s understanding of the evolving global landscape. Whether opting for the comprehensive Global eSIM Plan or the budget-friendly Mini Global eSIM Plan, users can break free from conventional connectivity constraints and explore the world without interruption.


BNESIM continues to reshape the telecommunications landscape with its customer-centric solutions and a relentless pursuit of innovation. By introducing plans like the Mini Global eSIM Plan, the company ensures that seamless global connectivity is attainable for a diverse range of users, fostering a more connected and accessible world.


Mariangela Guerra
BNESIM Public Relations

[email protected]


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