BNESIM Unveils Major App Upgrade with New Look, Faster Performance, and Cutting-Edge Features

Hong Kong, 27 November 2023 – BNESIM, a leading provider of eSIM solutions, is excited to announce a significant upgrade to its eSIM app, featuring a fresh new look, accelerated performance, and several innovative features that set it apart in the market. These enhancements are designed to provide users with a more seamless and enjoyable experience when managing their mobile connectivity.

Key Upgrades:

The revamped BNESIM eSIM app boasts a sleek and intuitive interface, ensuring users can navigate effortlessly through its features. The faster loading times further contribute to an enhanced user experience, allowing quick access to essential functionalities.

Differentiating Features:

In addition to furnishing seamless connectivity across more than 200 countries without incurring roaming charges, and the swift activation of eSIMs with just one click, BNESIM distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a variety of unique features:

Smart Top-Ups: Automatic top-ups activate when a user’s credit reaches a predefined threshold, ensuring continuous connectivity without interruptions.

Cryptocurrency Topped-Up Wallet: BNESIM goes beyond traditional payment methods by allowing users to top up their wallet with major cryptocurrencies, providing a secure and flexible payment option.

Lifetime Data Plans: In a groundbreaking move, BNESIM introduces lifetime data plans. Users can retain unused data, and it doesn’t expire, providing unparalleled flexibility for long-term usage.

Comprehensive Master App: BNESIM offers a master app encompassing various services, including calls, international phone numbers, video rooms, SMS, IoT, and enterprise features.

VPN App: Enhance security with BNESIM’s dedicated VPN app, ensuring a secure and private online experience.

WiFi Router: Expand connectivity options with BNE Go, BNESIM’s dedicated WiFi router, providing comprehensive solutions for users’ connectivity needs.

BNESIM remains committed to delivering innovative and user-centric solutions, ensuring that customers receive the best possible mobile connectivity experience.


BNESIM is a leading provider of eSIM solutions, offering global connectivity with cutting-edge features. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, BNESIM continues to redefine the way users experience mobile connectivity.


Media Contact:

Mariangela Guerra
BNESIM Public Relations

[email protected]


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