VirtualSIM by BNESIM: new Self Care release

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Virtual SIM company BNESIM has unveiled the latest, and all-new, version of their app. The new self care not only has a completely different look, but it comes with new features too.

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The new activation process is good for you and the environment too! Say goodbye to printed manuals! You will now be able to activate your new SIM in a few minutes directly from the app. BNESIM’s step-by-step instructions will guide you through the installation of your SIM, and if you still have troubles, you can contact their team that will help make things right through the in-app live support.

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You can go traditional, type in your phone number, receive a password by SMS and register, or you can use your social accounts (WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) for password-less login. If you’re familiar with the app, you know how many times you have forgotten your BNESIM credentials. You’re not alone, we all did, but those days are gone.

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Just like a traffic light, you will now know if you’ve got the green light to make and receive calls, and to use your data. Perhaps you ran out of credit, or the VoIP calls are blocked by the country you’re in, or you’re using a different Internet connection (Wi-Fi, for example). BNESIM thought of all the possible scenarios, even the one where they’re guilty, and you will always know what’s going on and how to fix it. A user-friendly in-app troubleshooting guide is set to help you make things work.

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If you’re worried you’re consuming more minutes and data than expected, you can look into the detailed history of daily consumption. BNESIM’s new self care is all about transparency: always know when, where and how much you have consumed.

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That’s no exaggeration. They have introduced more than 2000 data packages for global, regional and national use that will suit your every travel needs. And you can now choose to activate them for one time only, to save 30% with the daily plan, or 35% by going monthly.

If you’re wondering if they have introduced new voice plans too, the answer is yes, and you will be able to save up to 30% by activating the one time, weekly, or monthly plans. This doesn’t mean you have to commit to long-term contracts. You can cancel or change your plan anytime – on your terms.

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BNESIM can offer the same low tariffs in 88 countries (which are now called TOP 88), but sometimes, buying a national plan is cheaper, especially if you’re planning to travel to only one country out of the 88. With the old self care, you had to wait to reach your destination to find out if there was any national plan available. The new version of the self care not only allows you to plan your mobile expenses, but it gives you also the chance to purchase one in advance. You can check the global coverage information directly in the app, type in the country you’re looking for or scroll down the list, and access all the national plans available for that country.

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The Smart CLI is BNESIM’s newest feature. Turn it on and your calls will be made using a phone number belonging to the country you’re calling.

As you know, with BNESIM you can activate as many phone numbers as you want, from different countries. Let’s assume you have a US phone number, an Italian one and, why not, one from Hong Kong which is set as default caller ID. If you want to call a US phone number and you want your call to show you as your US caller ID, you can manually change the caller ID or you can activate the Smart CLI. BNESIM’s system will automatically detect the country you are calling and will select the right number so your calls will be shown as the number of the country you are calling.

If you don’t have an available phone number for the country you’re calling, you can always purchase one from the DID area in the self care.

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran out of data credit, and there’s no Wi-Fi around you to make a top-up? The answer is easy: you don’t make a top-up, you make an emergency top-up!
Emergency Top-up is the all-new feature that allows you to top-up a little amount of national data, without expiration, that will be enough to make a few emergency calls, to communicate via WhatsApp, or receive an important email.
This is magic because, unlike what the majority of the mobile operators do, BNESIM has managed to make sure you can always access the self care, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Still curious about what the new self care features look like? Go check BNESIM app, try it and feel the difference.


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