VirtualSIM by BNESIM: new version release

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Virtual SIM Company BNESIM has unveiled the latest version of their extremely popular app: VirtualSIM by BNESIM. Version 4.1.0 is all about the customer experience. With better stability in video calls, even with low bandwidth, and improved stability via faster connection to endpoints, the VirtualSIM app allows customers to travel while staying connected.

When travelling abroad, video messaging with family is one of the best ways to stay connected with home. Version 4.1.0 ensures customers can always access high-quality video chatting. BNESIM has implemented new technology that provides better stability in video calls, even with low bandwidth.

When visiting new places, most travellers feel compelled to share their experiences on social media. That isn’t possible with a slow connection. The new VirtualSIM app features a faster connection to the end points, which ensures customers can stay connected, no matter where life takes them. The app also features an improved overall performance stability. So regardless if customers are placing calls, sending important emails, texting with friends, or trying to post to Facebook, they will experience a stable connection.

BNESIM offers the highest quality internet and phone services for the lowest price in the industry. BNESIM allows customers to take advantage of free, unlimited incoming calls from around the world. The latest version of the app also features unlimited free encrypted HD quality voice calls, SMS and video calls between BNESIM users. You can use these services across over 80 countries, without facing any roaming fees.

Version 4.1.0 allows customers to add any lines, from any country, that are always active on their phone. This feature is celebrated by business travellers, because it allows them to keep in touch with both their family and clients while paying just one monthly bill.

The VirtualSIM app uses HD voice quality for both voice and video calls. The app also allows customers to record calls, participate in conference calls, and transfer calls to other numbers. These features are ideal for business consumers who are always on the go.

For travellers who want to stay connected, but sometimes want to explore without constant pinging, the latest version of the app utilizes a “do not disturb” feature. This will allow customers to silence any calls or texts, so they can avoid being intercepted during meetings, formal events, or family time.

The VirtualSIM app allows customers to utilize all the amazing features from BNESIM, even if they have forgotten their physical SIM card. Just having the app allows customers to take advantage of HD phone calls, fast Internet, and international text messages.

VirtualSIM by BNESIM version 4.1.0 is available in the App store and the Google Play store. The app is free to download, but customers must pay to utilize the service. Customers can create unique data, SMS, and voice plan on BNESIM’s website: Any part of the plan that is not used will never expire. Instead, it rolls over so customers can take advantage of BNESIM’s services in the future.


Started in 2017, BNESIM has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable virtual SIM card companies. The BNESIM app allows customers to talk, text, and share their lives with friends and family across the globe. Thousands of happy customers use the app daily while travelling or to talk with international loved ones. BNESIM also offers a customized cell phone service for Avid travellers. BNESIM is committed to high quality, responsive service to give customers the best experience. You can learn more about BNESIM at


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